Rare UK coins: these 2p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins could be worth thousands, including the Olympics collection

These valuable and rare coins are dated from 2008 onwards, and the price and popularity of some has increased in 2022 due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Mint is responsible for creating and circulating currency in the UK.

To mark monumental events in British history, such as the London 2012 Olympics or Commonwealth Games, the Royal Mint often creates a special edition 50 pence coin which is released and found in everyday circulation. However, sometimes errors occur in the minting process, resulting in mule or error coins. This occurs when there is a mix-up in the base, or the wrong dates minted onto the coin.

These coins are rare, becoming a collectors item, and their value skyrockets. The coins can potentially fetch thousands of pounds - and they may be sitting in your change. The price of some of the coins also increases due to current events and circumstances. For example, the price of some of the coins has increased in 2022 due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September.

Read below to see the most rare and valuable coins from 2008 onwards. Of course, with any coin, it’s important to check the coins authenticity before buying from an online seller.

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