Savvy mum pockets £1400 after thinking up grocery savings hack that pays for Christmas

The money she saves up throughout the year is put to one side for Christmas Day

A super savvy mum is sharing her tips to saving success, after pocketing £1,400 through a simple hack, which we all could be doing right now.

The Australian woman, Janelle, is a bargain hunter who, like all of us, looks for reduced items at the supermarket.

Most of us would walk away from the shops with a smug look on our faces having pocketed extra pennies through buying reduced items and taking advantage of promotions.

Janelle puts her 'total savings' to one side each time she shops to make Christmas extra special.

But Janelle takes her savings one step further by putting the extra money that she would have spent on groceries into a separate savings account.

This works when she checks her receipt at the end of her shop to see how much cash she has saved.

The ‘total savings’ she has made is then quickly transferred into a separate savings account - as if she paid full price for the items.

‘Nice Christmas bonus’

One mum has devised a smart way to save thousands of pounds.

This money later builds up throughout the year, which she described as a “nice little Christmas bonus.”

Since she thought of the canny scheme in January 2020, she has so-far topped £1,400, or $2,500 Australian dollars.

Janelle, who calls her savings stash the ‘Shopping Docket Account’ said: “Every time we go to the supermarket I transfer the savings shown on the docket to a separate account to save for Christmas.

“I am pretty much rewarding our good choices at the supermarket and it’s a great Christmas bonus. Last year was $2,500.

“I love a good budget too and refine ours all the time. Bloody good job if I do say so myself. I hope you all appreciate the tip.”

The post on ‘Simple Savers’ Facebook group has since had more than 856 reactions and over 100 comments commending Janelle on her cash savings.

Janelle joked that her husband “gets a little anxious” if he forgets to ask the cashier for the receipt when she’s not with him.

The receipt (pictured) shows that she saved $27.54 at Woolworths on one occasion.

“That’s an awesome idea, I might have to try it out,” one of the many soon-to-be savers said.

Another added: “That is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time - well done.”

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