WhatsApp developing new feature that allows messages to be sent using smart glasses

The new messaging system would allow WhatsApp users to dictate and send messages via a pair of smart glasses

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a futuristic new messaging system that works by using a pair of smart glasses.

The feature will allow users to dictate texts out loud to the glasses and the message would then be sent to friends and family.

Mobile software community XDA Developers uncovered references to the feature hidden inside the code of the WhatsApp beta.

The messaging service remains non-integrated with Voice Assistants for now, but the feature is linked to the Ray-Ban Stories – a pair of smart glasses created by WhatsApp-owner Facebook.

The Ray-Ban’s are designed to look like a regular pair of glasses
The Ray-Ban’s are designed to look like a regular pair of glasses
The Ray-Ban’s are designed to look like a regular pair of glasses

What are Ray-Ban Stories?

Ray-Ban Stories launched in 2021 in a collaboration with EssilorLuxottica and Ray-Ban.

The smart glasses are designed to look like regular glasses, but can actually film the things you can see and the footage can then be uploaded to social media.

The built-in 5MP cameras allow you to capture both photos and videos, and the three microphones make it possible to answer phone calls too.

Video is recorded in 1184x1184 resolution at 30 frames per second, with a 105-degree field of view, and you can record videos up to 30 seconds long, or take 2592x1944-pixel photos if you prefer. Activating the camera is done with the tap of a button or a vocal “Hey Facebook” command.

On-device storage caters for 35 videos and up to 500 photos, but you can offload these in seconds to the new Facebook View app and clear the device for re-use easily.

Just like the WhatsApp feature, you would be able to send texts with just a voice command.

When could the feature launch?

As yet, it is not clear exactly when this new feature could launch.

WhatsApp may be developing it for weeks, months or even years, and it is entirely possible the feature is discarded before being brought ot fruition.