Windows 11: release date of Microsoft system, features revealed in leak, how to download - and is it a free upgrade?

Microsoft announced an event on 24 June to talk about the next generation of Windows

Microsoft is expected to announce the long awaited release of Windows 11, with the updated operating system scheduled for late 2021.

A leaked screenshot and video of the operation system emerged online on Tuesday (15 June) and showcased the interface’s new layout, and appearances.

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There is currently no confirmed release date for Windows 11 (Windows Central)

Here’s all you need to know about when Windows 11 may be released, and what was revealed in the latest leak.

When is the Windows 11 release date?

There is currently no confirmed release date for Windows 11.

Microsoft announced an event on 24 June to talk about the next generation of Windows, so this may be the moment they reveal the official release date.

What Windows 11 features were revealed in the leak?

On Tuesday (15 June) XDA Developers and Beta World published leaked images of the new operating system.

The images at first glance appear to signal that Live Tiles on the desktop are now. There is also a central taskbar and app dock (similar to the Mac OS system) and the fly-out Windows Start menu.

The start menu is now located as the Windows icon and sits within the taskbar. The menu features access to a selection of pinned apps, restart/shutdown features, and the most recent files.

All together the screenshots indicate Windows 11 has gone for a simplified approach. The pop up menus and folders have also got a more curved appearance.

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According to reports there’s also a new start-up sound and boot animation, while Microsoft Widgets now seem to be returning to the OS.

Leaked footage of the operating system has also revealed new snap controls that will mean access from the maximise button on all apps. They are modern equivalents of the cascade windows function that has existed in the operating system for several years.

This means users can snap windows side by side, or arrange them in specific sections across their desktop.

Will Windows 11 be a free upgrade?

There is no official decision on whether Windows 11 will be a free upgrade, however it is likely it will be both a yes and a no.

According to reports, people who buy Windows 11 new will have to pay for it. It is still unknown how much the operating system will cost, but it will likely be similar to how much Windows 10 cost on launch.

Windows 10 Home cost £119.99, Windows 10 Pro cost £219.99.

Windows 10 users have received countless free updates since its release in 2015. The platform will receive its next major update in the form of ‘Sun Valley’, although this will be marketed as Windows 11.