The Flying Scotsman 2023: where is steam train today, timetable for centenary tour and how to get tickets

The now famous locomotive first entered service in February 1923 and, to mark the 100 year anniversary, there were celebrations in Edinburgh

Today (Friday 24 February) marks 100 years since one the world’s most famous locomotives, The Flying Scotsman, was first built.

In celebration of this historic milestone, the train visited Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. The train thrilled fans when it appeared at the city’s Waverley station this morning. Poet Laurete Simon Armitage was there to read the poem he had written especially for the occassion, called The Making of Flying Scotsman, and dancers from the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society performed ‘The Flying Scotsman’ routine which was created by Hugh Thurston in 1966. There was also then a performance from local Celtic rock band the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, as reported by rail industry business website Rail Business Daily.

The iconic train will also be visiting various heritage railways and taking part in a number of day excursions throughout the year to mark its centenary year, so fans can catch a glimpse of it for themselves.

The express passenger train first entered service on 24 February 1923. It was designed by chief engineer Nigel Gresley and built at Doncaster’s London North Eastern Railway works, known locally in South Yorkshire as the Plant, however, it is now owned by the National Railway Museum.

Along with visits to railways across the country, there will also be a programme of events happening at the National Railway Museum in York, North Yorkshire, to mark 100 years since the first journey of the famous train. All of these events will begin in March, with the full programme running until December.

So, just where will The Flying Scotsman be and when and how can you get tickets? Here’s everything you need to know.

It has been 100 years since the famous Flying Scotsman first entered service, and to celebrate a centenary tour of events is planned across the country.
It has been 100 years since the famous Flying Scotsman first entered service, and to celebrate a centenary tour of events is planned across the country.
It has been 100 years since the famous Flying Scotsman first entered service, and to celebrate a centenary tour of events is planned across the country.

What events will be happening to mark the Flying Scotsman centenary?

Visitors to the National Railway Museum will be able to discover new stories about Flying Scotsman in their special centenary exhibition. Guests will travel through time and share the engine’s greatest moments in a brand-new cutting-edge VR experience also, so they can feel what it was like to travel on one of those maiden journeys.

An exhibition, called Flying Scotsman: 100 Years, 100 Voices, will also be on display. It will showcase documents, photographs and stories from the museum’s archives as well as from a recent public call-out. All tell a story of people whose lives have been impacted by the locomotive.

Where is the Flying Scotsman today, and where will it be visiting in future?

Here is the full programme of where the Flying Scotsman will be visiting, including excursions, day trips and month long visits to heritage railways.

Please note that scheduled dates may be subject to change and new events will be announced throughout the year. We’ll update this article with any new information we receive throughout the year.

Below is the current schedule for events, correct at the time of publishing on Monday 23 January.

  • March 1-25 - Flying Scotsman at East Lancashire Railway
  • April 1-23 – Flying Scotsman on display at the National Railway Museum, York
  • April 30 - Flying Scotsman excursion at Royal Duchy, from Bristol Temple Meads, Yatton and Taunton to Devon and Cornwall.
  • May 1- 24 – Flying Scotsman to spend a month at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway on heritage workings
  • June 7 - Flying Scotsman excursion at Cardiff Express through the Thames Valley and along the river Severn
  • June 10 - Flying Scotsman excursion in Chesireman, from London to Chester and back again.
  • June 17 - Flying Scotsman excursion to Portsmouth Flyer, from London to Portsmouth and back.
  • June 21 - Flying Scotsman excursion to Salisbury Express, from London to Salisbury and back.
  • June 30 – July 4 – return excursion along the East Coast Main Line between London, York and Edinburgh
  • June 24 - Flying Scotsman excursion to Great Yarmouth, from London to Yarmouth and back again.
  • July 9, August 6 and September 10 – The Waverley excursion along the Settle to Carlisle line via York, Leeds, Keighley and Skipton
  • August 24 - September 3 - Flying Scotsman at Bluebell Railway in East Sussex.
  • September 10 - Flying Scotsman excursion to Waverley, travelling on the Settle & Carlisle Railway, one of the most famous railway routes in Britain
  • October 14 – The Hadrian excursion along the Settle to Carlisle line via York and Leeds
  • December 16 – Flying Scotsman to spend two weeks in light steam at Locomotion in Darlington

How can I get tickets to the Flying Scotsman centenary events?

For more information about any of these events, and to get tickets to the ones you are interested in, you can visit the National Railway Museum website. You can also sign up to the Flying Scotsman newsletter for more details straight to your email inbox.