Can I travel to Wales from England? Covid rules for visitors to Wales explained - and when they will change

If cases stay low Wales will allow travel to and from the principality from April 12

Under current road map dates Wales will be open to the rest of the UK from April 12 (Getty Images)

The United Kingdom is set for a staycation boom with travel abroad set to be restricted for the foreseeable future

Citizens of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are therefore looking to visit neighbouring home nations for something resembling an exotic getaway.

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With its rugged Snowdonia National Park, seemingly endless beaches and historic castles Wales will be popular with visitors from across the United Kingdom.

With all four countries pursuing their own pandemic response, however, it’s not as straightforward as packing the car up and making a beeline for the principality.

Here’s what you need to know about travel to and from Wales from other parts of the United Kingdom.

What are the current travel restrictions?

Prior to the Easter weekend restrictions were loosened to allow people in Wales are allowed to explore outside of their local area.

People are allowed to travel in and out of Wales but only for essential purposes.

When can I visit Wales from the rest of the UK for a holiday?

People will be allowed to travel in and out of Wales for holidays from April 12 when the “stay local” rule is scheduled to be lifted - if Covid rates remain low.

This will also be dependent on whether the other three home nations are still under lockdown restrictions. Under the current lockdown timeline for England people from Wales should also be allowed to holiday in England from April 12. In Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has set the aim of opening up travel to the rest of the UK by April 26. Northern Ireland is set to change its guidance from stay at home to stay local on April 12.

Speaking at the end of March, a government spokesman explained: "travel restrictions on travelling into and out of Wales will be lifted. However restrictions on travel to countries outside the Common Travel Area without a reasonable excuse remain in place. The Common Travel Area means the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and the Republic of Ireland."

Can I stay at a hotel in Wales?

People living in Wales are allowed to stay in self-contained holiday accommodation.

From April 12, visitors from the rest of the UK will also be allowed to stay at self-contained accommodation.

When will pubs, cafes and restaurants reopen?

From April 26 pubs, cafes and restaurants are able to reopen for outdoor service.

It is anticipated that they may be able to open for indoor service by the end of May bank holiday.