PCR tests for travel: how much Covid tests cost with Ryanair, British Airways, EasyJet, Jet2 and Virgin

The cheapest test available to travellers costs £20
PCR tests for travel can cost as little as £44.90 (Getty Images)PCR tests for travel can cost as little as £44.90 (Getty Images)
PCR tests for travel can cost as little as £44.90 (Getty Images)

International travel for leisure is now open – but many travellers face being priced out of travel abroad.

The Westminster government’s traffic light system requires all travellers undertake two PCR tests on their return from the safest destinations, meaning families face hundreds of pounds in additional costs on top of their usual holiday expenses.

On April 29 Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps celebrated the falling price of PCR tests, telling the House of Commons that “there are now test providers providing tests for £60, and indeed one now for £44.90.”

Since then TUI have offered a test for just £20.

With hardworking families stretched to their limit, the drop in price is a welcome boost.

We compiled a roundup of PCR test kits and prices for those looking to save every pound possible this summer.


Cost: £20

Tui, the UK’s largest holiday company, announced it will offer customers coronavirus tests for a fraction of standard prices.

The cheapest package – aimed at people returning from green destinations – will be available for just £20, and consist of a lateral flow test and PCR test.

PCR tests alone typically cost £120 each, although several travel companies offer them for £60.

Tui said it is “subsidising the cost of testing to help customers travel again this summer”.

There are fears that testing requirements will make summer holidays unaffordable for many families by adding hundreds of pounds to the cost of a trip.

The Travel Network Group

Cost: £44.90

The test cited by Mr Shapps is the result of a partnership between The Travel Network Group and Eurofins Covid Testing Services Ltd (ECTS).

Customers who book their holiday through The Travel Network Group will be eligible for the £45 test with Royal Mail Special delivery and prepaid postage included in the price.

The group counts 900 independent travel agents among its members, with customers who book through the group able to enjoy the cut-price tests.

You can find your nearest travel agent by typing in your postcode at thetravelnetworkgroup.co.uk.


Cost: £60

Customers who travel with RyanAir will enjoy a discounted test after the low-cost airline partnered with Randox Laboratories.

The price is available to UK-based travellers before and after their trip abroad.

Thomas Cook

Cost: £60

Travel group Thomas Cook have also teamed up with Randox Laboratories to deliver a £60 PCR test.

The package holiday giants negotiated a 50% discount, saving travellers up to £60 per test.

This discount can be redeemed after you book your holiday with Thomas Cook by organising a test at randoxhealth.com.

Birmingham, Edinburgh, Gatwick and Heathrow Airport

Cost: £60 to £80Airports are often the best places to ensure a cut-price test.

Gatwick Airport offers tests to passengers for just £60, while Birmingham, Edinburgh and Heathrow airports all offer tests for £80 to passengers and £90 to members of the public.


Cost: £55

Virgin are providing ‘Fit to Fly’ PCR test which is available for £55 per pre-flight test.Jet2

Cost: £75

Jet 2 has partnered up with Living Care Group to provide a PCR test which costs under £100.

British Airways

Cost: various

Britain’s national airline has negotiated a number of discounts with test providers

CityDoc, ExpressTest, Medicspot, Qured and Randox will offer tests priced between £75 and £166 to British Airways customers.


Cost: £99

If you have booked your holiday independently you might want to consider booking your test with Boots.

The high street chemist offer an in-store PCR test for just shy of £100.

You can book your test here.

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