A practical look at travel photographyA practical look at travel photography
A practical look at travel photography

Travel photography masterclass: how to take great holiday pictures - and why they work

We take a look at some stunning holiday snaps and why they work on a technical level, to try and help you improve your own photography

In our guide to how to take better photographs on holiday, professional videographer Craig Sinclair took us through the basic principles of pleasing pictures.

We looked at how a nine grid - or the rule of thirds - can help you choose where to position your subject. How the right light can accentuate the beauty of your images, and the best time of day to find that light. How angles change the way you look, and, finally, the glories of street photography.

Here, we look at the photographs of Alexander Mornet and apply those basic principles to see why his travel photos 'pop'.

Alexandre is a keen photographer, but not a professional, which serves to illustrate how, with a little practise and the right guidelines, anyone can capture arresting images.

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