When will the green list countries be announced? Date UK traffic light system for travel could be revealed

Grant Shapps is in charge of the Global Travel Taskforce (Getty Images)Grant Shapps is in charge of the Global Travel Taskforce (Getty Images)
Grant Shapps is in charge of the Global Travel Taskforce (Getty Images)
The government looks set to unveil a list of green, amber and red countries in early May

The UK is approaching a crucial stage of its roadmap out of lockdown with the UK government potentially lifting restrictions on international travel in May.

A global travel taskforce led by Grant Shapps has been tasked with forging a travel system which would allow holidays abroad without importing cases from outside the UK.

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A traffic light system grading countries either green, amber or red depending on their Covid-19 situation, has already been confirmed by the Westminster government.

Though subject to change, the government is scheduled to lift restrictions on international travel from May 17, with a list of green destinations expected ahead of then

When will the list of green, amber and red countries be released?

The government will likely release a list of green countries in the first week of May.

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Travel expert Paul Charles has suggested that the government will unveil the list on either May 6 or 7.

He explains: “As global data is updated on a Thursday each week, this enables the Government to take stock of the latest data on 6th May and then publish its thoughts on how countries will be rated.

"It doesn’t want to reveal the country ratings before then and be held responsible for making the wrong call.”

Which countries will be on the green list?

Up to 30 countries could be included on a green list of destinations as UK braces itself for the return of international travel.

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Travel expert Charles, from the PC Agency suggested the number, indicating that the likes of Iceland and Israel would both be welcoming travellers this summer.

Israel, Portugal and Iceland are among the European countries which look set to feature in a green list due to low case numbers and a high vaccination rate.

Charles suggested the following may also be opened up for travel: Barbados, Morocco, Maldives, Seychelles, Grenada, St. Lucia, Antigua and the British Overseas Territories of Bermuda, Turks & Caicos, Falkland Islands, St. Helena.

The travel expert also predicted that most of Europe would be rated green by the end of June, with the US open to quarantine-free travel ahead of the fourth of July holiday.

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When will Boris Johnson confirm the reopening of international travel?

The UK government is expected to confirm the reopening of international travel on May 10, with holidays abroad commencing a week later on May 17.

It is thought that the final decision on the list and the reopening of leisure travel will take place just days before Mr Johnson’s announcement.