Dog body language: expert on 12 signs that reveal their mood - from kisses to shaking and stretching

These are the telltale signs that show what mood your pooch is in, according to a pet expert

Dogs have been man’s (and woman’s) best friend for centuries, but that doesn’t mean we always understand them. Whether you are a new dog owner or you’ve grown up around pet pooches, there will always be something new to learn about the four-legged member of the family.

Tying to work out what a dog is trying to say can be confusing at times because, of course, these animals can’t talk in the same way that humans can - so they have to give a lot away with their body language. It is vital, therefore, that any pet owner understands their dog’s body language.

To help you to better understand your beloved pooch and what they are trying to communicate with you, NationalWorld has spoken to Tina Elven, who is a DTC licensed instructor in Canine Body Language as well as founder of Kool K9 Kids, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving the relationship between parents, children and their family dog, to get her expert advice.

She said: “When we are trying to understand our dogs and what they are telling us, it is crucial to never make assumptions by looking at one clue in isolation. Get to know your dog really well, they will have their own style of language, then connect the dots and make an informed decision. Next time you are out and about, take the time to really notice what is happening around you, both with your own dog but also with the other dogs you come across.”

To help you get started, here are 12 broad signs to look out for - and what they all mean, according to Elven.

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