Weekly horoscope UK: what has your star sign got in store for you today - 5-11 June 2022

Reaching the halfway point of Gemini season - these are the weekly horoscopes

Blood moon eclipse (Pic:Long Visual Press/Universal Image/Getty)Blood moon eclipse (Pic:Long Visual Press/Universal Image/Getty)
Blood moon eclipse (Pic:Long Visual Press/Universal Image/Getty)

Unexpected surprises and change are coming your way this week, after the moving of planets.

As we get halfway through Gemini season, the best thing to do is to confront these new emotions and experiences with an open mind and to watch, wait and pay attention to conversations.

Saturn, known as the planet of restrictions, began its retrograde motion on 4 June, meaning this week you will find many unanswered questions - however these will develop over time, and on Saturday 11 June, your words will hold a lot of power, so choose what you say wisely.

Read on to discover what your star sign has in store for you:


They say hard work pays off, and as a duo of planets in Taurus - Venus and Mercury - fall into the finance sector, you can expect some money to come through, and some refound confidence. The cash will come through gradually, so you won’t be dancing in the dollars yet, but if you trust the process, you shall be rewarded for your recent frustrations.


It is all about balance. As Gemini season continues to flash by - time flies when you’re having fun, remember not to spend carelessly as you become aware of your cash flow and your energy levels. Choose activities that sustain you and not drain you and your wallet, but remember to have a good time as well, as after all, Gemini is the fun-loving season.


Tis the season to be a Gemini - you are the centre of attention right now. Take this opportunity to relish in your season and to be selective about how certain elements fit into your life, as some people, cities and careers don’t always suit you. Reflect on the work you have done the past three weeks and indulge in the spoils.

Blood moon eclipse (Pic:Long Visual Press/Universal Image/Getty)Blood moon eclipse (Pic:Long Visual Press/Universal Image/Getty)
Blood moon eclipse (Pic:Long Visual Press/Universal Image/Getty)


The chaos of Gemini season may be throwing you some discomfort and uncertainty, however it is really important to look within yourself and find some stability to save your energy. You have to be truthful with yourself about what love, time and effort you want to give, as if you are not honest, you cannot find the enjoyment that comes with it.


Lately you have been working hard for your goals, so do not be discouraged to keep going, as colleagues, bosses or friends start to respond to this energy. Keep sharp in what you say and how you handle unexpected conversations as you explore your options, but just remember your endeavours are being noticed.


You are asking yourself the big questions at the moment, as Mercury and Venus are in Taurus and your philosophical zone. The most important thing this season is to take those opportunities as it is a time for learning. Open up to people, chase interesting leads and rely on your skills. You may not feel satisfied with all of the answers or the outcomes, but you will feel lighter within yourself.


This is your sign to live on the adventurous side. Although you tend to be a bit more reserved and find adventure in the small things in life, the sun in Gemini is continuing to stay in the exploratory zone. Take a chance to do something a little out of the ordinary each day and try something new - something that offers variety.


As Venus and Uranus collide in your relationship sector, there may be troubled waters up ahead. The unexpected situations that may raise their heads can be resolved with communication which needs to be addressed before moving to a more intimate area. You may meet someone exciting later in the week, so keep open-minded too.


All things are looking up after a fiery start to the season with Mars in Aries and your pleasure zone. However, it is key to take a breath and a moment before indulging in the next exploits, as we are only halfway through the season. Make sure your heart is in every decision you make.


Your body is a temple Capricorn. It is time to start treating it that way with not only your health but your relationships - make sure conversations are two-way, and that you spend your energy wisely, as there have been drastic changes recently. As Mercury returns, you will begin to take your health more seriously.


While it is true that Gemini season can be a little reckless, time to let your hair down and release that tension from the chaos. The sun is dipping into your pleasure and creativity zone so focus on maintaining and creating a good work-life balance. If you take longer than a second to answer, when was the last time you had guilt-free fun, take it as a sign to go have a good time.


Communication is key at the moment. You are usually very patient however as Venus and Uranus meet in Taurus and the communication zone later this week, you feel a little stressed out. It is important to not let people test your patience and to watch how your words sound. Your loved ones will appreciate your self-control.