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Watch: Fight between Arsenal and Tottenham fans sees man punched onto railway tracks

A mass brawl between rival football fans saw a man punched onto railway tracks - an attack that could have led to a murder investigation, police warned. The fight started between Tottenham and Arsenal supporters at Finsbury Park station, after the Gunners beat their north London 2-0. Violence erupted after the two teams played at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on a Sunday afternoon on January 15. During the large ruckus, one fan was punched to the side of the head - sending him tumbling onto the tracks. One man could be seen shouting at a rival while holding a can as station staff tried to keep them apart. As the pair rowed, another man sucker-punched the alleged victim from the side - sending the platform into chaos. The man climbed back onto the platform, as the two sides pushed and shoved each other. As they were pushed back along the platform a can of beer was thrown in the air and another man was pushed to the floor. Now police have released mobile phone footage of the scuffle in a bid to track down the perpetrators.

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