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Watch: ‘He has to’ - what Tottenham chief Daniel Levy must do to reunite Spurs as Antonio Conte departs

Antonio Conte left the Tottenham Hotspur managerial hotseat on Sunday night by ‘mutal consent’ bringing an end to his turblent tenure at the club.

Assistant Christian Stellini has been put in temporary charge until the end of the season, with Spurs having ten games left as they chase a top four spot.

Spurs fan James Trembath believes Conte had to go after his recent press conference outburst at St Mary’s, when Tottenham had thrown away a 3-1 lead to draw 3-3 with Southampton.

In this video he gives the reasons why, and also outlines what Daniel Levy must do now to re-connect the club and the fans with another new manager search in the offing.

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