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Martin Lewis: How to pay less for your broadband and other money saving tips

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has warned customers of a "huge" price hike for broadband and mobile services this April. In an email to subscribers, Martin Lewis said, "My heart sank last Wednesday when the latest 10.5% CPI inflation was announced." Broadband and mobile companies base their price increases on this number. The financial journalist said that most businesses add another 3% to 4% on top of that. The savings expert went on to talk about the biggest price hikes that have been announced in the last week. BT and EE were two of the biggest. Here are the broadband and mobile firms that have announced the highest price hikes according to Money Saving Expert: BT broadband and mobile: 14.4% EE broadband and mobile: 14.4% Plusnet broadband and mobile: 14.4% Shell broadband and mobile: Up to 13.5% Sky Mobile: 9% for out-of-contract. TalkTalk broadband: 14.2% unless on a fixed price plus tariff. Three broadband and mobile: 4.5%/14.4% depending on when you signed up. Vodafone: TBC.

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