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Watch: How to save save £4000 per-year by doing it yourself

For so many of us, it’s easier to pay somebody else for a job. Making coffee, getting our nails done, mowing the lawn, or even washing our car.

Outsourcing jobs which we may find tedious or believe somebody else can do to a better standard, has become commonplace. We may not realise just how much money we could save if we opted to take on some of the jobs ourselves.

According to research by Capital One UK as part of their Consumer Skills Index, which highlights a list of top skills we choose to rely on others for, almost half of us (49%) choose to spend money on a coffee and over a third of us (37%) pay to get our cars washed.

Alarmingly, Brits are racking up over £4,000 a year on outsourcing such jobs which include, but aren’t limited to, takeaways (£376), beauty treatments (£398), and basic car maintenance (£438)

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