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Watch: New data shows the four-day working week improves productivity and happiness

An Environmental Consultancy in Manchester has permanently adopted a four-day working week after the huge success of a sixth-month trial period.

Tyler Grange employees have had the luxury of taking Fridays off every week since last May without having to work any additional hours on top of their regular nine to five hours or experiencing a pay cut.

The company's ‘Alertness App’ has been tracking data since the trial began to work out whether a three-day weekend benefits both staff and the business.

The app tracked employee's happiness, fatigue and productivity as well talent attraction, retention and absenteeism.

The data collected by Tyler Grange showed their staff were 14 percent happier and 28 percent less tired since working a four-day week and the company itself noticed an 88 percent increase in the number of CVs it was receiving.

The environmental consultancy is producing 102 percent more work in four days than it did in five, so we went down to ask them why the four day working week is so successful and why they think other companies should adopt the same strategy.

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