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Watch: Moment boy, six, knocks himself out - with a snowball

A six-year-old boy knocked himself unconscious - with a snowball.

Dylan McStay was playing outside with sisters Megan, 14, and Ruby, 13, when he threw a snowball straight up into the air.

A video shows the moment he watched it come back down and smash into his face - knocking him out cold on the ground.

Mum Georgina McStay, 37, started laughing - until she realised he’d been knocked out, yesterday (8).

Thankfully, Dylan was fine – and after a check over from his ambulance worker dad, John McStay, 41, the youngster was back to his normal self.

Georgina, from Cwmbran, Wales, said: “I laughed at first and then realised he wasn’t moving so ran over. He was smiling with his eyes open but he was completely cross-eyed and was unresponsive for 10 to 20 seconds so I pulled him up, brought him inside and called my husband in a panic.”

She added: “Luckily, his hat was covering his forehead and that took the brunt of the snowball – there were no rocks in there, but it was snow and ice so it was quite heavy.”

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