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Watch: Rishi Sunak - A turbulent first 100 days in office

Rishi Sunak, the new Prime Minister entered No 10 promising to restore good government and bring back order to the financial markets after a turbulent period under the previous administration. As he approaches his first 100 days in office on Thursday, his spell in power has been anything but calm.Sunak's immediate aim of stabilising the financial markets was accomplished, as he succeeded in bringing back order to the markets after the previous administration caused the pound to plummet and government borrowing costs to soar.

However, he was faced with several daunting challenges such as sky-rocketing inflation, unrest among Tory backbenchers, and a sense among the public that Britain was not working. This was evident in the biggest wave of strike action in more than a generation, affecting public services such as the rail workers and nurses, and another winter crisis in the NHS.Despite his efforts to restore order, Sunak faced several scandals and personal embarrassments. He had to endure scandals surrounding senior ministers, and was fined for failing to wear a seat belt while filming a video for social media.These challenges have made his first 100 days in office anything but calm.

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