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Watch: Should British Summer Time become permanent?

The introduction of British Summer Time came about through the enactment of the Summer Time Act 1916, which followed a campaign led by builder William Willett. begins at 01:00 GMT every year on the last Sunday of March and ends at 01:00 GMT the last Sunday of October - Lighter nights is something many want to make permanent arguing that the move will bring significant benefits. The results of a recent YouGov survey revealed that only 44% of respondents supported retaining the current practice of changing the clocks, with 39% in favor of a permanent British Summer Time. However, the poll indicated that 56% of those surveyed in Scotland were opposed to the cessation of clock changes. In the northern regions, winter sunrise may occur as late as 10 a.m., posing concerns for road safety due to icy conditions and sleepy commuters navigating darkened roads. Such concerns raise apprehensions regarding the potential negative effects on health and safety.

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