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Video: Scran Christmas Special 2022 part 1 - turkeys, chocolate, giving and decorating

It’s finally here - the first of our Scran Christmas Specials. This year we’ve been across the land talking to various suppliers, businesses and social enterprises all about our favourite time of year and what it means for them. In this first episode Rosalind talks to Michael Shannon of Damn Delicious in Biggar about the business of turkeys, and from there we move to another essential food group for this time of year - chocolate. Sebastien Kobelt, Master Chocolatier takes us through being in the chocolate business and what to think about when gifting chocolate. For many of us, this time of year brings to mind those who won’t be able to have the kind of Christmas they would like to because they are experiencing a crisis or in need of support. Rosalind spoke to Euan Brock and Andy of Social Bite to hear about how they are working with the social enterprise to help those experiencing homeless this Christmas. Our final stop on today’s podcast is at what can only be called an Edinburgh festive institution - The Dome, where tourists and shoppers gather every year to bask in the glow of their festive illuminations.

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