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Watch: Is this the real Banksy?

A mystery man in a bowler hat has been seen scoping out a famous site where the illusive artist Banksy left a mural that was inadvertently torn down by builders. A group of builders think they spotted Banksy himself taking pictures of a site where he painted one of his most recent pieces on Thursday morning.The secretive man in a bowler hat, long black coat and glasses was seen taking pictures at the site of the anonymous artist's latest work in Broomfield, near Herne Bay, Kent.Last week it emerged that the piece - which could have sold for millions - was torn down by contractors who had no idea it was a genuine Banksy. The remains of the mural, called Morning is Broken, have since been fished out of a nearby skip.Banksy posted a picture on his Instagram on Thursday of the stencilled image on the side of the 500-year-old former farmhouse - before and after it was demolished.And the arrival of the enigmatic figure at the building site morning has sparked speculation that it was the man himself.

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