Benjamin Mendy: trial told about alleged sexual assault during party at footballer’s mansion - court latest

Man City footballer Benjamin Mendy is accused of rape and sexual assault charges

A woman allegedly sexually assaulted by Benjamin Mendy said the footballer grabbed her groin during a party at his mansion and later asked her why she was angry, a court has heard.

Mendy denies one count of sexual assault in relation to the incident.

Co-accused Louis Saha Matturie, 41, denies eight counts of rape and four counts of sexual assault relating to eight young women.

Both men say that if any sex did take place it was consensual.

Benjamin Mendy arrives at Chester Crown Court where he is accused of eight counts of rape, one count of sexual assault and one count of attempted rape, relating to seven young women.

The woman told Chester Crown Court that the 28-year-old player was “really trying to grab” her between her legs as he passed her during the gathering at his home – in Mottram St Andrew – in the early hours of 2 January 2021.

The woman said that, moments after the alleged assault which left her “shocked”, the Manchester City left-back and former French international made a sexual gesture towards her, the jury was told.

She also alleged that he told her she looked better when she smiled before she challenged him, prompting him to apologise, the court heard.

What was said in the police interview?

In an interview with police, played to the jury on Tuesday, the woman said Mendy had “ sort of just grabbed” her groin, she said: “I just immediately stopped and thought ‘What has just happened?’”

“I was just shocked. I think I was just taken aback by it because I was just shocked and then realising what had just happened.”

The court also heard that she immediately went to a bathroom to smoke with her friend but found the door was locked.

She said her friend called for someone to unlock the door, and Mendy came to open it.

The woman said: “I went into the bathroom and we were facing each other … and he’s sort of gestured to giving me oral sex.

“I just sort of turned around and then my friend came in and I told her what happened and she was just shocked, as we both were, and I don’t understand where that came from because there was minimal conversation.”

She went on to say: “I was just confused.”

The court heard that she and her friend considered leaving the party but chose to stay because they were “intoxicated”.

Later, when the woman went to the swimming pool at the house with other party guests, she said she “tried to keep her distance” from Mendy, but claimed he approached he again.

She said: “He came right up close to my face and said ‘You look better when you smile’”.

The woman told a police interviewer that the footballer asked why she was angry, to which she said she responded “because of how you touched me” or “because of what you did”.

The woman claimed he began apologising before trying to “spud” – meaning bump his fist on hers – as a way of smoothing things over.

The trial continues.