Father forced daughter to sign contract saying she would 'never get fat'

Rachid Khadla coerced his child into agreeing that she would “never get fat, even until I die”

Judge Real said that Khadla "ruined" the childhoods of his children (Thames Valley Police)

A man has been jailed after he forced his daughter to sign a contract saying she would “never get fat”.

Rachid Khadla of Windsor, Berkshire, was jailed for 30 months for violently attacking and manipulating his three children.

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He was found guilty of assault and cruelty.

The Crown Prosecution Service say that Khadla was obsessed with fitness. He coerced his daughter into signing a contract saying that she would “never get fat, even until I die” and do “lots of exercise”.

‘Plotting and calculating’

A prosecutor also revealed how Khadla assaulted his then nine-year-old daughter by throwing a chair at her. A subsequent injury to his daughter’s ear required "numerous operations and treatments".

Prosecutor Alex Krickler says that the father’s behaviour caused “anxiety and eating disorders”.

It was detailed how all three children were regularly hit with a wooden spoon on their hands, with the father also saying who they could and couldn’t be friends with.

Khadla’s son sounded the alarm to police of his father’s treatment, revealing how he had been strangled and punched.

The eldest son said that his father's behaviour had caused him "long-term mental health issues" and accused his father of “plotting and calculating every move”.

Judge Real said that Khadla had “ruined” his three children’s upbringings. She also labelled him “a bully”.