Malcolm Shipman: paedophile pub owner paid young girls 50p after abusing them - how long he was jailed for?

After sentencing the victims said they had spoken out to “stop him hurting anyone else and to finally tell the truth and get justice for what happened to us”.

A former pub owner has been jailed for grooming two young girls who he would pay 50p each time he abused them.

The court was told that Malcolm Shipman had groomed the girls and made them perform sex acts on him more than three decades ago.

In a statement after sentencing the victims said they felt they had “finally been given a voice” and had “got justice” for the abuse they suffered as children.

Shipman was handed six years and five months’ jail.

The 64-year-old denied the charges but stood trial during the summer and was found guilty of four counts of abuse.

Malcolm Shipman was jailed today.Malcolm Shipman was jailed today.
Malcolm Shipman was jailed today.

‘You secured their silence with threats’

He warned them to keep quiet or there would be consequences, and even gave them the small amount of cash each time to buy their silence.

Judge Chris Smith jailed Shipman at Teesside Crown Court and told him: “You secured their compliance with offers of money.

"You secured their silence with threats.

"You put your perverted needs above others.

"The impact has been lasting, permanent in all likelihood.”

Shipman abused the two girls decades ago.Shipman abused the two girls decades ago.
Shipman abused the two girls decades ago.

‘We feel have finally been given a voice’

Heartfelt impact statements were read out on behalf of the two females, who are now adults.

Reading the first statement, prosecutor David Hall said: “I was abused but did not know it at the time.

"I was manipulated into thinking it was normal.

"For years on end I questioned what was right or wrong.

"I’m angry I never stood up for myself. As a result there’s a lot of pain and suffering, a lot that just got buried.

"I do not think I would ever get over this abuse and trauma.”

The second victim said she had pushed the horrific experiences to the back of her mind.

In a statement issued through West Workshire Police, the victims said: “We are now adults, but we were those two little girls who we feel have finally been given a voice and have got justice for the horrible childhood we had to endure.

“We both never dared speak out about what this man did to us as children, we had hoped to never have to and just wanted to get on with our lives, but you never forget the past as much as you try.

“We have done this to stop him hurting anyone else and to finally tell the truth and get justice for what happened to us.

“It has been the most painful experience going through this trial and there is still a lot of healing to do, as hard as this has been he had to be held accountable for his own sick choices against vulnerable children.

“We encourage anyone who has been through anything like this to please come forward, it is not easy, but it is the right thing to do.

“The fear of speaking out and him getting away with it keeps you prisoner long after the abuse. We urge others not to be scared and come forward to show strength in numbers to these predators and that there will be consequences, no matter how long it takes.”

Police praise victims for reporting Shipman’s ‘truly horrendous offences’

Shipman, of Queensway, Wakefield, was the former landlord of the Snooty Fox in Brunswick Street, a rock and metal music venue.

After it closed, he opened Black Mass in King Street, though it shut four years ago.

The court was told he was also first arrested for the abuse offences four years ago.

He has been held on remand in HMP Durham since he was convicted in July.

He must sign the sex offenders register for life, and was given a life-long sexual harm prevention order.

Mitigating before his sentencing, Kitty Colley said there was no suggestion that Shipman, who was of previous good character, had abused any other children.

Det Insp Paul Oldham said: “The investigating officers and I welcome this sentence.

“The bravery shown by the victims to report this man for the truly horrendous offences carried out against them as children, must be recognised and not underestimated.

“Their courage has resulted in the successful prosecution of Shipman, ensuring the safeguarding of future possible victims.

“I would like to reassure others who are suffering, have suffered or those who have any information of similar offences that we have specially trained officers who will treat victims with compassion and will work tirelessly to bring perpetrators to justice.”