Met Police: Safer schools officer Hussain Chehab who ‘groomed’ girl is jailed

Hussain Chehab has been jailed for five years

A shamed Safer Schools Met police officer who deliberately targeted and ‘groomed’ a 14-year-old girl into having sex with him has been jailed for five years.

Disgraced ex PC Hussain Chehab, 22, initiated contact with the child on Instagram - initially posing as a 16-year-old Russian boy - around a year before he joined the force. Chehab, who was posted at a secondary school in north London during his short-lived service in the Met, entered a relationship with his victim and first had sex with her in an abandoned factory.

Wood Green Crown Court heard on Friday (24 March) that when the girl broke off the relationship and began seeing a new boyfriend, jealous Chehab sent the boy nude photos which were seen by the boy’s mother. The victim later told him she was ‘suicidal’, but never reported him to police.

Instead, a complaint from another young woman - which did not lead to any charges - led to the seizure of his electronic devices, which were found to contain a plethora of sexually explicit photos and videos of children as young as babies. They also found the videos, photos and messages which led to the charges relating to his previous victim.

Messages from a child abuse forum even showed he had ‘instructed’ others on how to groom children.

His behaviour was “calculated”

Chehab was later arrested and was sacked without notice by the Met earlier this month, after a panel found him guilty of gross misconduct. He admitted four counts of sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15, three counts of making indecent photographs of a child and one count of sexual communication with a child in an earlier hearing at the same court in north London.

Jailing the young man, His Honour Judge John Dodd said: “You had by March 2020 embarked on a career as a police officer. The training programme included a period working at a school. You were not there by your own choice, simply because of the rota.

“It seems that, at the same time, you were searching for and downloading images of children. Your behaviour towards [the young victim] was calculated. She has suffered as a result of the way you behaved towards her.

“It’s clear that, though she didn’t want her impact statement read out, your behaviour has caused her much distress; not just her, but her family. You badgered her for images; images that, sadly, you did not keep to yourself.

Judge Dodd continued: “It was only when a member of the public rang the police in respect of their concerns in the summer of 2021 that your abuse of [the victim] came to the authorities. Officers acted with commendable speed and you were arrested. By that time you had become a probation officer for the Met police service.

“At a time when police conduct is very much in the public eye... I should record that there was not a sign of any failure by the Met police force to act swiftly once complaints were made. The only one at fault here, Mr Chehab, is you.”

Chehab, whose family members were present in court, was jailed for a total of five years.

During the previous hearing at the same court in north London, no verdict was recorded for four additional counts of making indecent photographs of a child, which was ordered by the judge to be left to lie on his file.

Hussain Chehab. Picture: SWNSHussain Chehab. Picture: SWNS
Hussain Chehab. Picture: SWNS

Chehab ‘deliberately’ targed the girl

Marion Smullen, prosecuting, explained how Chehab ‘deliberately’ targeted the young woman after messaging her on Instagram.

She said: “Chehab would have been 18 at the time of the offences. He deliberately targeted and groomed [the young girl]. He first made contact when he messaged her on Instagram and pretended to be a 16-year-old boy from Russia.

“They met up a week later and went to a park. He built up a relationship and her trust. Eventually he told her his real name, but by that stage, she was under his influence.

“Chehab was highly manipulative. He pressured her to have sex with him. They first had sex in an abandoned factory. He didn’t use protection. She asked him to stop, but he didn’t.”

Ms Smullen said Chehab once recorded the girl performing oral sex on him, and later shared it with others. She added: “He promised to delete the recording, but didn’t - and then showed it to other people. He would constantly ask for nude pictures and she gave into the pressure.”

Victim realised the relationship was ‘wrong’

Ms Smullen explained the girl started to realise their relationship was ‘wrong’ when discussing it with a friend. She continued: “When [the victim] started dating another boy, Chehab deliberately damaged their relationship.

“He sent a nude picture to [the new boyfriend], which his mother saw. His mindset can be described in the messages he sent, that give a flavour of the situation between them.

“He sent a number of abusive messages. He sent a message saying: ‘Your friend situation with loving two guys… I get it. ‘Girls like to get f***ed by an Alpha like [the other boy the victim was seeing], then when they are on their period they go to the more sensitive beta’.”

In a later message, the victim was said to have told Chehab, ‘I’m f***ing suicidal’, due to her concerns about the fact he still had naked photos of her on his phone. Chehab told the girl he had deleted all the explicit photos and videos of her, and invited her to check his phone.

Chehab ‘hide’ the images on his phone

But Ms Smullen said the content was ‘hidden’ behind a calculator app on his phone. “The point I would emphasise is that the defendant was manipulative,” she said.

“I accept that he’s a young man, but he was, at the time of the later offences, a serving police officer.” The court heard police received an anonymous complaint from another young woman in July of 2021 - over ‘social media activity’ - but that this didn’t lead to any charges.

However, these complaints did lead to the seizure of Chehab’s computer and mobile phone. On both devices, explicit photos of the young woman were found, as well as hundreds of other sexual images of children, aged from ‘babies’ to 14 or 15 years old.

However, none of the images or messages found on Chehab’s devices were related in any way to the secondary school where he worked as a safer schools officer. Police also found the message trails detailing his previous relationship, and messages to a child abuse forum, in which he ‘instructed others on how to groom children’.

Chehab, who joined the Met in March 2020 and was attached to the North Area Command Unit, was arrested in August 2021 and placed on restricted duties, before being suspended from duty in October that year.

But after admitting to his offences, he was sacked by a misconduct panel earlier this month. Sarah Ellis, in mitigation, said Chehab had ‘voluntarily’ completed online courses with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a charity which aims to prevent child abuse.

The Judge jailed Chehab for a total of just under five years for the offences: concurrent terms of four years and two months for the sexual counts relating to his young victim, and another nine months for the charges relating to the images and videos found on his devices. He also issued a 10-year sexual harm prevention order and a 10-year restraining order to protect his young victim, who attended court with a family member.

Met ‘committed to rooting out officers’ who commit offences

Detective Chief Superintendent Caroline Haines, lead for policing in Enfield where PC Chehab served, said: “Following his criminal conviction it is right that PC Chehab is formally dismissed from the Met. PC Chehab committed the vilest of offences and abused his position of trust in the most despicable of ways.

“It continues to be incredibly confronting to see officers convicted and dismissed for such behaviour, however we are committed to rooting out officers who do not belong in our ranks and it is abundantly clear that PC Chehab has no place in the Met.

“Some of the offences relating to the making of indecent photographs were committed while PC Chehab was in a role as a Safer Schools officer attached to a secondary school in Enfield between May 2021 and his arrest in August 2021.

“As soon as the initial allegations were made against him, PC Chehab was immediately removed from his role while the investigation took place. We have worked closely with the school concerned, and Enfield local authority, to ensure that there were no further unreported safeguarding incidents or missed opportunities.

“A review of the information provided to the Met prior to him joining as a police officer was carried out and nothing was found that could have indicated his offending. Likewise, prior to starting his role as a Safer Schools Officer he was also subject to further Child and Vulnerable Group Supervision vetting, in line with the current vetting standards for all those who work with children and young people.”

She added: “While no evidence has been found linking any of Chehab’s offending to his role, we are continuing to work with our local schools, community forums and independent advisory groups to reassure them following the damage his actions will have caused.”