Reward of £20,000 offered to catch killer with distinctive waddle who stabbed man to death in botched robbery

Police investigating the murder of Jinming Zhang found DNA at the scene but it failed to match samples on the national database

A reward of £20,000 has been offered to catch a killer who stabbed a man to death in a botched robbery and was caught on CCTV “waddling” away from the scene.

Jinming Zhang, 41, was killed at an apartment in the trendy Birmingham suburb of Digbeth just before 7pm on 9 February.

Detectives found the murderer’s DNA at the scene but it failed to match any samples on the national police database - which police say is “unusual” in murder cases.

A reward of £20,000 has been offered to catch a killer who stabbed Jinming Zhang, 41, (right) to death in a botched robbery.

Crimestoppers have now offered a £20,000 reward to catch the murderer who has evaded cops for almost two months.

CCTV captured at the scene show the man walking away from Mr Zhang’s flat inMoseley Street, Digbeth, shortly after the murder.

Police believe the killer hurt his hand in the attack and walks with a distinctive waddle with his left foot turned slightly outwards on each step.

‘The person who killed Zhang is a violent man’

Detective Inspector Jim Mahon, of West Midlands Police, said: “The UK has one of the most efficient DNA databases in the world.

“To have a DNA sample from a murder suspect that does not match anyone on the database is highly unusual.

“We’re still trying to establish a motive for this violent crime and are exploring a number of reasons why Mr Zhang was killed in such awful circumstances.

“While the most likely motive is robbery, it’s clear the person who killed Zhang is a violent man and we want to catch him as soon as we can.”

The suspect is described as black, in his 20s and between 5ft 4ins and 5ft 5ins tall with an average build.

He was wearing dark clothing and a dark hat and mask.

Det Insp Mahon added: “As well a the DNA and the description, CCTV shows that the man has an unusual way of walking.

“I’d ask that anyone who thinks they may know the suspect, or someone who fits the description with an injury on the night, contacts Crimestoppers as soon as they can.”

Anyone with information can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or West Midlands Police on 101.