Ticketmaster hack: Live Nation Entertainment hit by massive breach as ShinyHunters steal user data

Ticketmaster has been hit by a massive hack.Ticketmaster has been hit by a massive hack.
Ticketmaster has been hit by a massive hack. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Customer data from over 560 million Ticketmaster users in the ShinyHunters hack.

Ticketmaster and Live Nation have been hit by a massive data breach after a hack, according to reports. The hackers have reportedly snatched user information on over 560 million customers.

Cyberdaily.au reports that dark web group The ShinyHunters have shared details of the alleged hack on Live Nation Entertainment - the parent group of both Ticketmaster and Live Nation. The data has reportedly been sold for a one-time price of $500,000 - just shy of £400,000 aproximately.

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The ShinyHunters first shared details on the Ticketmaster hack earlier in the week and the stolen information includes customers names, addresses and emails. The UK version of the website was hit by a major hack in 2018, which affected 40,000 British users.

In its post announcing the hack, The ShinyHunters said: “560 million customers full details (name, address, email, phone). Ticket sales, event information, order details.”

Cyberdaily.au reports that the post was made on a forum on Tuesday (28 May). A second hacker on a different forum - one in Russia - also posted details of the hack, it is not known if this user has links to ShinyHunters.

The dark web group has a track record with major hacks, including a breach of AT&T in the United States. The hackers leaked details of 70 million users back in 2022 as well as leaking large volumes of customer data from Microsoft and Wishbone.

The ShinyHunters gets its name from the Pokemon franchise. It is a reference to rare creatures in the video and card games.