Glastonbury Music Festival has been prosecuted twice for environmental crimes. The most recent prosecution was in 2016 for pollution offences that saw 20,000 gallons of human sewage leak into the Whitelake River. The outcome was a £12,000 fine. Image: Shutterstock

12 well-known companies who have been prosecuted for polluting the environment

Some of the UK’s best known companies have been prosecuted for environmental crimes – here we reveal some of the biggest names.

Saturday, 17th July 2021, 9:58 am

This week NationalWorld has exposed some of the biggest and worst offenders when it comes to environmental crime.

Their crimes, which span across the last two decades, have ranged from polluting waterways to leaking radioactive waste.

Some of the incidents have had major and significant impacts on England’s precious natural environment, resulting in courts handing down fines worth thousands – and sometimes millions – of pounds to perpetrators.

Here is what has been uncovered this week by NationalWorld:

Among the perpetrators are more than 2,500 companies – including household or High Street names.

Here we reveal 12 of the most well known.

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