NationalWorld has looked into the local authority areas with the fewest proportion of electric vehicles (image: NationalWorld/Kim Mogg)

Electric cars: the 20 areas in England and Wales with the fewest EV drivers

The COP26 conference in Glasgow has been billed as the ‘last chance’ to turn the tide on climate change

Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, 10:03 am

World leaders are under immense pressure to step up climate action in the next decade to tackle dangerous global warming – with a push to speed up the switch to electric or hybrid vehicles.

A NationalWorld investigation is now casting a spotlight on the proportion of electric vehicles in England and Wales – per council area – to understand where is falling behind.

Blaenau Gwent, in Wales, has the smallest proportion of electric vehicles, with just 0.21%, Department for Transport figures show.

It has a total number of 39,800 vehicles but only 84 of them are electric.

The City of London tops the ranks with 10.76% of green drivers, as of July 2021 – the latest available Government data.

There are a total of 2,900 registered vehicles in this council area, 312 of which are electric.

Out of Wales' 22 local authorities, eight fall into the bottom 20 council areas in England and Wales for the lowest take up of electric vehicles.

The remaining 12 English council areas include three southern and nine northern local authorities.

During climate crunch talks, leaders are expected to negotiate a road map for the next 10 years to secure ‘global net zero’ - the state at which global warming stops.

COP26 aims to reduce emissions rapidly through commitments on phasing out coal, planting trees and switching to electric cars.

Here are the top 20 council areas in the two nations with the lowest proportion of electric vehicles – take a look and see if where you live features.

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