UK to face ‘European monsoon’ with heavy rain and blasts of low pressure predicted

Summer temperatures will return just ahead of July, however.

Summer weather will return in time for July, it is predicted.
Summer weather will return in time for July, it is predicted.

Much of the UK faces wetter weather this week, though it’s predicted that summer temperatures are around the corner.

The Met Office has predicted windy and wet conditions for the next few days, including showers and highs of just 15C.

Forecasters say a ‘European monsoon’ is heading to the UK, with bursts of Atlantic low pressure on the way.

However, it’s predicted that temperatures will climb back up to highs of 26C by next week, just ahead of July.

The Met Office has given the following prediction for the coming week:

Monday June 21

Rain in the south easing and slowly clearing, though the far southeast may still the odd even until late in the night. Staying quite mild in south. Elsewhere dry with clear spells, and turning quite chilly.

Tuesday June 22

Any lingering rain in the far southeast clearing, then some sunshine for many areas and with light winds, it should feel pleasantly warm. Northwestern UK turning cloudy and damp later.

Wednesday to Friday (23rd - 25th)

Settled much of England and Wales Wednesday. Scotland and Northern Ireland cloudier with rain at times. Rain sinks south to all areas Thursday and Friday; becoming clearer in the north.