Is Facebook Dating down? Users frustrated after social media platform goes down

Facebook users are reporting that one of the functions has broken

Facebook users across the UK and the world reported an outage with the social media platform today (26 May).

The website Downdetector, which tracks website outages, received reports from hundreds of users with a spike from around 12pm (UK time) onwards.

The situation seemed to be improving in the evening, with the level of user reports dropping sharply after 7pm.

What happened?

Downdetector showed that several hundred people reported problems around the world.

Although a particular issue was not specified, Downdetector reported that 73% of people were having problems with the app and 20% were having problems using the website, while 7% were login issues.

People took to Twitter to discuss how they couldn;t access Facebook Dating while the site was down:

  • One person tweeted: “I woke up to my Facebook dating account gone . Maybe it was God bc I’m definitely not dating for a few years so.”
  • In response, another said: “Looks like everyone’s profile is gone....”
  • A third added: “Why is the Facebook dating app making me create my profile all over again. Comon.”
  • Another user wrote: "Was talking to someone and it was going somewhere and then META said “Nope..” and now the Facebook dating server is down for a lot of people globally. Even if you make a new account or switch FB accounts, it won’t work. It’s likely a server issue that will be resolved soon."

Downdetector took to Twitter to inform the public about the outage. It tweeted: “User reports indicate Facebook is having problems since 8:16 AM EDT.”

On the Downdetector site, once user wrote: "Facebook dating is either down or just done a huge wipe because my dating profile is gone and the app is refusing to let me create a new profile."

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