What animal do you see? Optical illusion challenges viewers to spot hidden creature - but only 1% can see it

A TikTok star claims only 1% of viewers can pick out the hidden animal

An optical illusion has left viewers puzzled after challenging them to find the hidden animal within an image.

TikTok star Hectic Nick claims that only 1% of people can successfully spot the creature lurking within a forest scene.

Can you see a hidden animal in the image? (Photo: TikTok/@Hecticnick)

What animal do you see?

In a video shared on TikTok, Hectic Nick challenges viewers to solve the optical illusion by identifying the animal in the image.

At first glance, the picture just appears to show a man creeping through a forest, armed with a gun in his hand.

However, if you look at the image more closely you might spot an elephant also hiding within the scene - but only a tiny percentage of people are able to pick it out, the video claims.

Hectic Nick claims only 1% of viewers can spot the elephant (Photo: TikTok/@Hecticnick)

Posting the illusion, Hectic Nick states: “Only one per cent of people can find the hidden elephant in this image.

“It’s not easy, but try flipping your phone over and you might be able to find it.”

The image left some viewers baffled as they struggled to find the elephant in the inverted image, with one user commenting: “I took ten hours to find this”.

Others were quick to spot the animal lurking in the foreground, with the two large trees serving as its legs and the smaller tree as its trunk.

One user wrote: “Saw it without having to flip. I guess I’m in the one per cent.”

“I saw it, my eye is good”, said another.

A third added: “I saw him , he’s under the picture.”

How many tigers do you see?

The illusion is similar to another viral image shared by Hectic Nick that asks viewers to pick out the tigers hiding in the jungle.

The puzzle features 16 tigers to find in total, but only four are immediately obvious.

(Photo: TikTok/@hecticnick)

If you look at the image more closely you should be able to pick out the faces of tigers lurking in the trees, foliage and rocks around the jungle.

Many viewers found it difficult to pick out all 16 and shared their frustration in the comments.

One user wrote: “Pls help me find it I only got 8.”

Another said: “"The more I look… the more appear."

“I only see 15”, a third wrote.

“I don’t know where’s all the tigers so I found 4,” another said.

One user added: “Hey in left next to the tree there’s a different animal.”

Another illusion that puts viewers’ power of perception to the test is the image of a man who is looking sad.

(Photo: TikTok / @beatonthebeeb)

The image, shared on TikTok by presenter Dean Jackson, also contains the face of an angry man, but a lot of viewers struggled to pick the second face out.

Those who cannot see the angry face are advised to cover part of the image with their finger - on the nose just below one of the eyes - to help pick it out.