Are you among 1% that can see what’s in this circle? Latest optical illusion from Tik Tok star baffles users

People have said they can see a range of items hidden in this pink image - but what do you see?

A Tik Tok user who is known for sending the internet into a frenzy with his mind-boggling optical illusions has baffled people once again.

The latest image TikTok user pasillision has shared seems very simple as all it asks is for viewers to look at a pink circle and say what they say, but of course it’s not simple at all.

Apparently, only 1% of people can correctly identify what image is hiding in the circle.

So, what does the optical illusion show, who is the Tik Tok user behind it, and what do you see?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Tik Tok user Pasillusion, whose real name is Pete Sciarrino, has baffled viewers with this pink circle optical illusion. Picture by Tik Tok/Pasillusion

Where has the image come from?

While the original source of the image is not clear, TikTok personality pasillusion shared the illusion online.

So far, racked up 204 “likes” and 222 comments - and that number is still growing.

Pasillusion, whose real name is Pete Sciarrino, has 6458 followers and a total of 58.4K “likes” across all of his videos on this account.

His main TikTok account called pasmagic reveals that he is a 19 year old magician and content creator from San Diego, California.

On his main account, he is 4.6m followers and 35.6m “likes”.

Pasillusion is known on the social media platform Tik Tok for confusing and delighting his many viewers on a daily basis with a selection of illusions and magic tricks.

He describes his channel as “daily illusions and mind games”.

What does the video show?

Wearing his signature sunglasses, the magician showed the image of a pink circle against a lighter pink background to his viewers.

He then invited people to let him know what they could see in the circle in the comments.

He said: “Only 1% of people can see what’s hidden in this image. Can you?”

He added: "Let me know in the comments.”

Tik Tok user Pasillusion, whose real name is Pete Sciarrino, has baffled viewers with this pink circle optical illusion. Picture by Tik Tok/Pasillusion

What do Tik Tok users think the answer is?

TikTok users took to the comments section of Pete Sciarrino’s video to share their answers.

It seems people struggled to agree on what the “correct” answer is, with some people seeing a typewriter, while others saw a bottle, a bunk bed, a cup, a bus and even a slice of toast.

One person was particularly unsure about what was in the circle, but thanked the magician for providing the illusion.

“Cheeseburger? cupcake? Candle? Nice illusion. Enjoy stimulating the brain.”

Another user quipped that the only thing they could see clearly was Sciarrino himself.

One person said they could see something but they couldn’t pinpoint exactly what that was.

“I see it. looks familiar but cant say for sure.”

What is the right answer?

The majority of people who commented on the Tik Tok video seem to be able to see a bottle in the middle of the darker pink circle.

One person has asked Sciarrino what the right answer is, but he is yet to respond.

So, we don’t yet know what is the hidden image here - but we’re enjoying finding out what different people can see.