What do you see? First thing you spot in optical illusion says a lot about your strengths and weaknesses

The first thing you see in this quirky optical illusion is said to reveal a lot about your personality

Optical illusions are fun brain teasers designed to put our powers of perception to the test, but they can also supposedly reveal hidden insights into our personality.

How we interpret an image is said to say a lot about how our brain works, distinguishing between those who are more left or right brain oriented.

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Those who favour the left side are supposedly more logical and analytical, and will pay close attention to detail.

By comparison, those who are more right-brained tend to be more intuitive and visual people, with a flair for creativity.

But illusions are said to reveal more than just how we think. Our interpretation of an image is thought to say a lot about our characteristics, such as if we are shy or outgoing, what we desire in relationships, and what our biggest strengths and weaknesses are.

What do you see?

This quirky optical illusion supposedly reveals what your strengths and weaknesses are, based on what you see first when you look at the image.

What do you see first in this image? (Photo: Oleg Shuplyak / Your Tango)

The painting, by artist Oleg Shuplyak, is composed of four different images, with each one said to be reflective of our best and worst characteristics depending on what image we see first, according to Your Tango.

The man’s face

If you spotted the image of a man’s face first, your biggest strength is your ability to be objective, even in difficult situations.

It is likely that you are an emotionally healthy and mentally balanced person who is able to cope well in a crisis and stay calm.

You have a stable approach to life’s challenges and can find contentment without breaking down.

However, your biggest weakness is your tendency to cut yourself off from difficult emotions. You struggle to let your guard down sometimes which can make it difficult to connect with others, and may appear as if you are inadvertently pushing people away.

The woman reading a book

If you spotted the woman reading a book first, your biggest strength is your intellect.

You are a naturally intelligent person and enjoy exploring and learning new things, and want to gain as much new knowledge as possible.

While you are a smart person, your weakness is that you can be dismissive of things that do not intrigue you, meaning you have a tendency to cut people out who do not share your interests.

The table

If you saw the table in the illusion first, your biggest strength is your ability to listen and understand others.

You are an excellent communicator and you are able to make people feel at ease so they feel comfortable confiding their feelings to you.

While communication is your strength, your weakness is your lack of ability to be decisive and take action.

You give a lot of thought to all of your options, but you need to learn to trust yourself and your instincts and commit to things.

The chair

If the first thing you saw was a chair, your biggest strength is your unique outlook on life.

You are able to bring new perspectives into situations and are great at problem solving, helping to take the pressure off others in times of stress.

However, your weakness is your inability to stay focused on one thing, as you get easily distracted and often lose interest in things too quickly.