Flat Holm island: tiny isle off Welsh coast is looking for a new warden - the skills you’ll need to qualify

The small 86 acre island is home to various wildlife including sheep, chicken and ducks

For those in search of a slower pace of life, a dream job has become available on a remote island between England and Wales.

The island of Flat Holm, which is just five miles from Barry - the Welsh town made famous by BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey - is in need of a new warden as their current warden is leaving the post.

Flat Holm is a 86-acre island that stands five miles out to sea in the Bristol Channel. It has a radius of only six hundred metres, and only has basic amenities - so this is the perfect role for someone who wants to relax and get back to nature.

A post on the official Flat Holm Facebook page reads: “Sadly, we announce that Pierre, our Island Warden, is moving onto pastures new. He will be greatly missed but it means we are currently in search of someone to temporarily take on the role of Flat Holm warden as soon as possible.”

The previous warden, known only as Piere, left his role on Monday 21 November, and residents of the island are now on the lookout for a new warden to take up the job. It is unclear when the job start and end date is.

In another Facebook post, Pierre was sent off with well-wishes.

“Today we are saying goodbye to our island warden Pierre. We would like to give a massive thank you to Pierre and the volunteers for all of the hard work and dedication they put in to host some fantastic visits and keep the island up and running. We wish Pierre all the best and hope one day he comes back to visit us.”

What is Flat Holm?

Flat Holm is many things, according to the official Flat Holm website. A post on the site reads “We are a smallholding, we are a nature reserve, we are a living example of renewable energy, we are an education centre.”

It is a 35 hectare Island, encompassing habitats from rocky shores to elder woodland and maritime grassland, with a wealth of history and wildlife. It is the most southerly point in Wales and is easily reached by boat from Cardiff, the capital city of Wales which is just five miles away. The island is home to various breeds of sheep, including the Welsh Black Mountain Ram, as well as chickens and ducks.

The island offers extensive views from, and across the island, to the coasts of England and Wales. It is a very popular tourist destination.

Flat Holm, a remote island between England and Wales.Flat Holm, a remote island between England and Wales.
Flat Holm, a remote island between England and Wales.

What skills do I need to become the Flat Holm warden?

You will need to be quite handy if you want to be the successful warden applicant as you’ll be required to perform various tasks.

The job description on the Flat Holm Facebook post reads: “Over the winter period we are mainly looking for someone with practical skills who can put their hand to almost any task required on the island.

“Duties will include maintaining and fixing equipment eg tractor, generators, water system etc and maintaining the buildings on the island eg plumbing, carpentry, painting , repairing fencing, etc. We need somebody who is hardworking, self-motivated, and prepared to work in all weather conditions and basic accommodation.”

How can I apply to become the Flat Holm warden?

If you are interested in being the new Flat Holm warden, please send your CV or covering letter to [email protected] The closing date for applications is Friday 2 December.

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