The Exorcist and The Shining: Halloween costumes from nostalgic and retro horror films that had us all in fear

Instead of a nurse or dracula this year, why not try something more original for your Halloween costume?

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The frightful night of Halloween is nearly upon us. But instead of fearing this year's latest horror release, you may be more fearful about not finding the right costume to wear in the lead-up to October 31.

We all know about the usual werewolves, mummies and scream masks, but why not try something a little more different this year that's a throwback to a horror film that kept you up at night in your childhood? What better way to show you've conquered your fears?

We are firm believers here that your Halloween costume should indeed be something scary so what better opportunity do you need to dress up as a nostalgic horror film character?

NationaWorld has compiled some nostalgic Halloween costume ideas that are bound to turn heads at your fancy dress party.

The Ring Fancy Dress Costume ( Ring Fancy Dress Costume (
The Ring Fancy Dress Costume (

The Ring

Now here's a film that kept me awake in my childhood and fearing for my life.

Gore Verbinski's 2002 adaptation of a Japanese horror film went down well with audiences and starred the likes of Naomi Watts and Daviegh Chase.

But the most memorable character from the film is Samara Morgan - the main antagonist in the film and a ghost who is not to be messed around with.

Dress up as her at your own peril!!

Womens Regan The Exorcist Halloween Costume ( Regan The Exorcist Halloween Costume (
Womens Regan The Exorcist Halloween Costume (

The Exorcist

From one scary young girl to another. And this one has horrified audiences for decades.

Regan Tereasa MacNeil was first introduced to us in quite horrific fashion mack in 1973's The Exorcist.

And it's fair to say Linda Blair's depictions has been inspiring horror films ever since.

It may be worth keeping a vile of holy water in your back pocket if you do want to dress up as old Regan...


Okay, some say it's sci-fi, some say it is horror. Well, I say it's both because Alien is most definitely the scariest sci-fi movie ever.

Alien Ripley costume ( Ripley costume (
Alien Ripley costume (

Space had never looked so lonely, dark, and full of danger as when Sigourney Weaver and co. took to the Nostromo in 1979.

You can spend a fortune on a replica Alien costume and frighten the whole neighbourhood, but why not do something more unique (and within budget) by dressing up as Ripley.

There's an example costume here from, but we highly recommend you frizz up[ your hair and add some fake scars and scratches to really sell this one and avoid looking like a janitor!

The Shining

The Shining Twin Costume ( Shining Twin Costume (
The Shining Twin Costume (

The costume ideas inspired by female characters keep coming! And here's one that would be perfect for a Halloween night out with your sister, or bestie.

The terrifying twins in The Shining are some of the most memorable characters from the genre and were played by Lous and Lisa Burns.

In the film, The Grady twins in The Shining represent the potential fate of Danny Torrance.


Nosferatu costume ( costume (
Nosferatu costume (

So it's highly unlikely that anyone was alive when this film was released

But why not go for that film noir-vampire look instead of the overdone powdered face of Dracula with a trickle of blood coming out the side of your mouth?

That's where Nosferatu - or Count Orlok - comes in. An adaption of the novel Dracula, Nosferatu is much more terrifying and sinister-looking.

For those who like to go all out at Halloween, Nosferatu is an ideal choice.