You have incredible eyesight if you can spot the cat hiding in the bushes in this optical illusion

The image has been shared on TikTok by gardener who loves to share videos of his impressive work

<p>There’s a cat hiding in this image - but can you see it?</p>

There’s a cat hiding in this image - but can you see it?

This image shows a garden, full of foliage and pretty flowers at first glance.

But, look closer and you will see there is actually a cat hiding in the greenery - though you will have to have particularly good eyesight to spot it.

It’s an optical illusion that’s been likened to classic favourite Where’s Wally - and it’s excited illusion fans on social media site TikTok.

So, just where is the cat hiding in the illusion, and where has it come from?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the image?

The image actually comes from a video which shows a garden, with a path running up the centre, a statue overlooking the path and plenty of plants all around.

There’s also a small feline exploring the garden too, but it’s difficult to see.

There’s a cat hiding in this image - but can you see it?

Where has the video come from?

The video has been shared on popular social media platform TikTok by a gardener Ross Lee.

When the video first begins, it appears as though Ross is simply showing his followers around his garden, but then he zooms in to reveal a cat hiding in plain sight among the bushes. It is barely visible from the path though.

Ross, who has likened his video to an interactive version of the famous children’s puzzle Where’s Wally, often shares videos of the impressive garden transformations he has completed.

He even shared a video of the cat hiding in the image and revealed that her name is Jasmine. It appears that Jasmine has found her own fan base on the site, with one asking Ross if they can see more of her.

Ross is a UK-based gardener whose garden appeared on BBC gardening show Gardeners World earlier this year, welcoming the show’s garden designer Adam Frost.

Where is the cat hiding in the video?

It’s a true eyesight test to see if you can spot Jasmine the cat, and if you have been looking at the image for a while and are still struggling to see her we have a clue for you - try looking at the centre of the image.

If you’re still struggling to see her then scroll down just a little further and we’ll reveal the answer for you.

Jasmine the cat hiding in the garden.

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