What you spot first in this optical illusion reveals if you are cautious or adventurous - what do you see?

What you see first comes down to whether you are more right brained or left brained

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The best optical illusions are the most simple ones that reveal a lot - and one of the latest to take the internet by storm can reveal what your personality type is.

This one just asks you to take a look at an image and say what you notice first about it.

But what are the two possible things you could see in the image and what does each element say about you if that’s what you see first?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What you see first in this optical illusion reveals something about your personality.What you see first in this optical illusion reveals something about your personality.
What you see first in this optical illusion reveals something about your personality.

What will the optical illusion reveal?

The first thing that you notice in the image will show if you are a person afraid to move away from your comfort zone or a person living a challenging life.

Put simply, it will tell you if you are more cautious or more adventurous.

There are two separate images hidden within the overall image; one of two men and one of three white pillars.

If you saw two men first:

If you spotted two men before seeing anything else in the image, this means you are adventurous and you are likely to love the life you are living right now.

You don’t really follow rules, you follow your heart and you live life like a butterfly - always hoping from one thing to the next.

You are faced with new challenges every day but you are not fazed by them and take them all in your stride.

You hate monotony and you always want to be doing different activities and pastimes to keep life interesting.

If you saw three white pillars first:

If you spotted the three white pillars first this means you are a safe player, and that could mean you are too comfortable in your shell.

You don’t like being out of your comfort zone and will do anything you can to stay there. You prefer to know exactly what’s coming and when so you can plan for what’s going to happen next in your life.

You are definitely more cautious - but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing - it just means you are sensible and like to think before you make any decisions.

How do optical illusions work?

Optical illusions like this one, which simply ask you to say what you see first, are supposedly all about whether you are right or left brained.

It is claimed that people who are very logical, analytical and methodical are more left-brain oriented. This side of the brain is sometimes called ‘the digital brain’ and is better at tasks such as reading, writing and computations.

By comparison, people who are more creative, intuitive and artistic tend to be more right-brain oriented. This side of the brain is sometimes referred to as ‘the analog brain’ and has a less organised way of thinking.

If you saw the people first in this optical illusion, it is said you are more right brained but if you saw the white pillars first it is said you are more left brained.

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