What do you see? The first thing you see in this optical illusion reveals if you are trusting or cautious

What do you see? The first thing you see in this optical illusion reveals if you are trusting or cautious

Optical illusions continue to fascinate internet users, as people are always looking for ways to entertain themselves.

People always like to learn new things about themselves and their friends too - and illusions allow people to do that quickly and easily by revealing something about the personality of the viewer.

All you have to do to engage is say what you see - it’s that simple. One of the latest illusions to circulate on social media asks people to say whether they see a woman or a slightly more haunting image of a skull.

So, what do you see in the image, what does it reveal about you?

Here’s what you need to know.

Do you see a woman or a skull first in this image by American artist Tom Fritzson?

What does the image show?

The image simply shows two things; a woman hunched over, with her hands clasped on the back of her neck and her hair hanging down, and a skull.

Which one of these two images you see first when you look at the overall picture apparently tells you quite a lot about the kind of person you are.

Where has the image come from?

This painting of muted tones of black, brown and cream was created by the American artist, Tom Fritzson.

It is thought he created it to show a woman knelt up some people claim to see something entirely  different when they first glance at it - and so the image has become an optical Illusion which has delighted and confused internet users in equal measure.

The image, however, is called ‘death’, so it is possible that Fritzon intentionally drew the image to show both a woman and a skull.

Describing the image on a website, he wrote “After my friend passed away a few years ago, I sat down and started painting. This just came out of me. My feelings at the time.”

What does it say about me if I see the woman first?

If you saw a woman knelt down at the first glance of this image, this means that you are definitely perceived to be defensive in nature and are generally more cautious than trusting.

Seeing the woman first may be an indicator that you are feeling worn down and feel that you have to defend yourself constantly against people or certain situations. You may even be feeling emotionally exhausted as you look at the image.

The sight of a knelt-down woman could also reveal a lot about your defensive attitude. You do not feel active right now - but this does not mean you never will as this optical illusion merely tells just about the present situation you are in. You have the power to change it.

What does it say about me if I see the skull first?

In case you saw a skull first, then this could also be an indicator that you are going through a tough time.

You are, however, facing situations as they are coming on to you and you have a more trusting personality overall.

You are actively looking for a solution to any problems you may be having, but are not able to find any at the moment. You are, however, facing everything with grace and confidence right now.

This means that what people notice about you when they first meet you is your confidence and your high spirit and ability to stay strong.

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