Pinto meaning: what does 5-letter word mean in English - and are there different definitions around the world?

People who play Wordle have been left very confused by today’s answer

Wordsmiths have been left scratching their heads at the answer to Wordle 377 today (Friday 1 July).

*Please be aware that the rest of this article contains spoilers, so if you still want to play today’s game only read on once you have played!

Many players, however, have been left wondering what the word actually means as many have never heard of the word - and some have even claimed the word is made up.

The word pinto is, however, a genuine word.

But, what does it mean, and how have social media users reacted to today’s game?

Here’s everything you need to know.

There are pinto horses and pinto beans - this is what the word pinto means.

What does the word pinto mean?

The word pinto means different things in different languages and cultures.

In English, the dictionary definition of pinto is ‘marked with spots of white and other colours’, also known as mottled or spotted.

This is why there are pinto beans and pinto horses, both of which are speckled in their appearance.

Pinto is a Portuguese, Spanish, Jewish (Sephardic), and Italian surname.

What is a pinto bean?

The pinto bean is a common variety of bean often used in Mexican cooking. It is brown in appearance and has dark brown speckles.

In Spanish they are called frijoles pintos, which literally translates in to English as speckled bean.

It is the most popular bean by crop production in Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

It is most often eaten whole or is mashed and then refried. Either way, it is a common filling for burritos, tostadas, or tacos in Mexican cuisine.

What is a pinto horse?

A pinto horse has a coat colour that consists of large patches of white and any other colour.

The distinction between pinto colouring on a horse and solid colouring can be minor, as so-called solid colour horses frequently have areas of white hair.

Many breeds of horses carry pinto patterns. Pinto colouring horses are most popular in the United States.

What are alternative words to pinto?

There are a few synonyms for the word pinto.

They are:

  • blotched
  • blotchy
  • dappled
  • marbled 
  • mottled 
  • piebald
  • pied
  • splotched 
  • spotted

Where did the word pinto come from?

The precise origin of the word pinto is unknown, but it was first used in around 1860.

It derives from the Latin word pinctus meaning painted.

How have social media users responded to today’s Wordle answer?

Most users expressed their frustration at the answer to today’s Wordle, with some complaining that the word is too obscure and not being able to correctly identify it has ruined their winning streak.

One simply said: “Well THAT was wacky…”

Another said: “Wasn’t convinced at 3rd try that it was really English.”

One person said: “My first ever fail on Wordle. It’s a sad day.”

Another person said: “Now you’re just making up words and calling it a word.”

One user, however, seemed to have no issue getting the answer right.

They said: “Not gonna post my super good wordle performance today, very humble, guess i’m built different.”