Quiz: can you answer these GCSE maths questions? Test your knowledge as PM sets out ‘maths to 18’ plan

The Prime Minister wants pupils in England to study maths until the age of 18

Rishi Sunak plans to make all pupils in England study maths until the age of 18 under new plans to tackle high rates of innumeracy.

The Prime Minister is expected to commit to starting the work in this Parliament and finishing it in the next, in a bid to “rival the best education systems in the world”. The ‘maths to 18’ plan comes as the UK remains one of the only countries in the world that does not currently require children to study some form of maths up until the age of 18.

The government does not apparently envisage making maths A-level compulsory for all 16-year-olds and further detail will be set out “in due course”. Ministers are instead exploring existing routes, such as the Core Maths qualifications and T-Levels, as well as more innovative options.

How good is your maths knowlegde? (Composite: Kim Mogg)
How good is your maths knowlegde? (Composite: Kim Mogg)
How good is your maths knowlegde? (Composite: Kim Mogg)

Sitting the dreaded GCSE maths exam is something that most people will remember - some more fondly than others. Typically taken over the course of two or three academic years, the all-important final examinations at the end of Year 11 mark the culmination of a long period of hard work.

As the government looks at plans to extend compulsory maths education to the age of 18, we have compiled a series of recent exam questions to put the general knowledge of the public to the test. Put your numeracy skills to the test and see how many of these GCSE exam questions you can answer correctly.