How many tigers do you see? Viewers who can spot all the hidden tigers in optical illusion are in the top 1%

The viral TikTok puzzle challenges viewers to find all 16 tigers in a jungle scene

A mind-boggling optical illusion challenges viewers to find all of the hidden tigers within a jungle scene, but claims just 1% of people will be able to pick out every one.

There are 16 tigers in total to find in the image, but only four are clearly visible on first glance. On closer inspection it is possible to spot more than 10 other big cats are lurking within the landscape, but some are easier to spot than others.

The viral puzzle, shared by TikTok user Hectic Nick, has racked up almost 100k likes on social media as users try to find the hidden figures.

In the video, Hectic Nick states: “Can you find all the tigers in this image? It’s almost impossible to find all of them.

“Let me know how many you can see and send this to a friend so they can try.”

How many tigers do you see?

A total of 16 tigers are hidden within the illusion, but only four big cats are immediately obvious.

How many tigers do you see? (Photo: TikTok/@hecticnick)

However, if you look more closely you should be able to pick out the faces of tigers in the trees, foliage and rocks around the jungle.

Many users struggled to pick out all 16 and shared their frustration in the comments.

One user wrote: “Pls help me find it I only got 8.”

Another said: “"The more I look… the more appear."

“I only see 15”, a third wrote.

“I don’t know where’s all the tigers so I found 4,” another said.

One user added: “Hey in left next to the tree there’s a different animal.”

A total of 16 tigers are hidden within the image (Photo: TikTok/@hecticnick)

Another illusion that has left people baffled is a photo of some hikers clinking whiskey bottles after completing the 2,200 mile Appalachian Train in the United States.

A total of four bottles can be seen in the picture, but at first glance it appears that only three arms are outstretched.

How many arms can you see? (Photo: Patrick DeIvernois / Reddit)

The picture, shared by Parick Delvernois who is wearing the kilt and orange jacket, tricks viewers into only seeing three people, as one of the hikers is wearing a camouflage jacket which blends perfectly into the background.

On closer inspection, you can spot the fourth arm outstretched on the left of the photo.

The freaky illusion, which was shared on Reddit and later on Twitter, left the internet baffled, with some saying their brain refused to believe four people were featured in the snap.

The ‘missing arm’ is actually on the left of the image and can be spotted if you look closely at the hands.

It is possible to make out the shape of a blue woolly glove, although it is not immediately obvious as the hand lines up almost perfectly with Patrick’s kilt.