Comedian Lewis Spears shocked to learn Prince Philip has died while joking about him on stage

This is the moment an Australian comedian reacted to the news of Prince Philip’s death – right before he was about to make a joke about the Duke of Edinburgh

Aussie comedian Lewis Spears was about to start a routine involving the age of Prince Philip when a member of the audience announced that he died earlier that night.

The moment was recorded in Australia the same day the Duke of Edinburgh passed away.

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After the heckle from the audience was made, Spears reacted in shock as the other members of the audience laughed and clapped in response to his stunned reaction.

Lewis Spears reacts on stage to the news that Prince Philip had died (Photo: Lewis Spears / YouTube)

In the video he reads aloud a news report from a phone handed to him by an audience member.

Before continuing his routine involving the royal family and the Duke of Edinburgh he says, “Can I just say, a bit overdue”.

The comedian posted the clip on his YouTube channel which has over 574k subscribers at the time the video went live. The video also amassed almost one million views since April 10.

In the video’s description Spears wrote, “I think I cursed him. Sorry guys”.