‘I wanted to give him whatever he wanted’: Dying dog enjoys dream final week with beach walks and lavish meals

German Shepherd Kofi had to be put down after his health began to deteriorate with old age

A dying dog was given a dream final week before being put to sleep, including a beach walk at sunrise and a party with steak, salmon and cake.

Kofi, an 11-year-old German Shepherd spent his final days enjoying lavish meals and being made a fuss of by his owner and friends.

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Fiona Gilmore, 46, made the difficult decision to have her beloved pooch put down after his health began to deteriorate with old age.

Kofi spent his final days enjoying lavish meals and being made a fuss of (Photo: SWNS)

Walks at sunrise

Ms Gilmore booked an appointment at the vets on the afternoon of 10 April and took Kofi for a walk along a beach at sunrise that morning.

The day before, the German Shepherd was showered with attention as he enjoyed a party in his home garden in Dunbar, East Lothian, with his owner and her friend.

He was treated to a lavish feast of steak, salmon, and a cake made from liver and decorated with cream cheese, as well as being given cardboard boxes to tear up and play with.

Just before he died, Kofi was allowed to play his favourite game, man trailing, where he hunted a veterinary nurse around the outside of a building.

Ms Gilmore, who works as a dog trainer and has another pet dog called Novak, aged two, said: "I had Kofi since he was seven weeks old.

"When he was six months old we went to live in Italy, we lived in Wales, we travelled around together.

"His back legs were starting to go and he was in pain. I needed to make a decision at some point, rather than wait until he couldn't enjoy anything.

"I just wanted to have a nice final week with him rather than wait until he couldn't walk."

‘I wanted to give him whatever he wanted’

Ms Gilmore began the process of saying goodbye to her pooch on Monday (12 April), taking him out on his favourite walks and giving him treats for breakfast, including duck on toast and venison ribs.

She explained that she “wanted to give him whatever he wanted” in his final week, including taking him to the garden centre, where he enjoyed it as people said hello.

She posted on Facebook that she was planning to take him to Dunbar Garden Centre on Thursday (15 April) and wellwishers came out with treats for Kofi to enjoy.

The following day he was taken for another special walk and a friend came round to have a party in the garden.

On Saturday, Ms Gilmore and Kofi went for a sunrise walk at Coldingham Bay, near Eyemouth, Scottish Borders, as a treat.

She added: "It has been really lovely that I have been able to have a date in mind and been able to do what I wanted to in the run up.

"We have said goodbye with one last walk and a swim in the sea. He had a great adventurous life, we did lots of things.

"They have got me through lockdown."

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