Linda Evangelista: how does she look now, what is Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia, and CoolSculpting explained

The supermodel opened up on Instagram about why she stepped away from the public eye, stating that she has ‘become a recluse’ following the procedure gone wrong

Linda Evangelista, one of the original supermodels of the 1990s alongside Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, has revealed that she has been left “permanently deformed” after suffering side effects from a procedure called CoolSculpting.

This is everything you need to know.

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Why has she said that she is deformed?

Evangelista took to Instagram to say that she has been left “permanently deformed” after a fat freezing procedure went wrong, and resulted in a dramatic change in her appearance.

Posting a statement on Instagram, with the caption “#TheTruth” and “#MyStory”, Evangelista wrote: “Today I took a big step towards righting a wrong that I have suffered and have kept to myself for over five years.

“To my followers who have wondered why I have not been working while my peers’ careers have been thriving, the reason is that I was brutally disfigured by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting procedure which did the opposite of what it promised.

“It increased, not decreased, my fat cells and left me permanently deformed even after undergoing two painful, unsuccessful, corrective surgeries.

“I have been left, as the media has described, “unrecognizable”.

“I have developed Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia or PAH, a risk of which I was not made aware of before I had the procedures.

“PAH has not only destroyed my livelihood, it has sent me into a cycle of deep depression, profound sadness, and the lowest depths of self-loathing.

“In the process, I have become a recluse.

“With this lawsuit, I am moving forward to rid myself of my shame, and going public with my story. I’m so tired of living this way.

“I would like to walk out my door with my head held high, despite not looking like myself any longer.”

Many took to the comments of her Instagram post to offer support for the supermodel.

Designer Marc Jacobs wrote: “Thank you for your courage and strength. I love you dear Linda.”

Model Naomi Campbell also commented: “Elos I applaud you for your Courage and strength to Share your experience and not be held hostage by it anymore .. You know I love you. We love you, and here for you always Right by your side.. I can’t imagine the pain you gone through mentally these past 5 years .. your free of it now .. remember who you are, and What you have achieved and your influence and all the lives of people you have touched, and still doing so to this very day by sharing your story. Proud of you, and support you every step of the way.”

At the time of publication, Evangelista’s Instagram post has garnered 117k lives and 11.6k comments.

What is CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting website explains that it is a “fat-freezing procedure” and that “it uses controlled cooling to eliminate the stubborn fat that’s difficult to shirt, even with diet and exercise”.

The method was approved by the FDA in 2010 as a procedure for targeting and reducing fat cells.

CoolSculpting involves the use of cooling paddles that are applied to the area that’s being treated, and by pulling the tissue into the machine, it is then exposed to extremely cold temperatures, causing the fat cells to freeze and “die”.

According to the CoolSculpting website, common side effects include, but are not limited to, “muscular pain, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, and redness at or near the treatment site”.

It also adds: “Rare side effects also may occur. CoolSculpting may cause a visible enlargement in the treated area, which may develop two to five months after treatment and requires surgical intervention for correction.”

So far Zeltiq’s parent company, Allergan, has not responded to the statement from Evangelista.

What is Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia?

Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) is described as “a rare, previously unreported adverse effect of cryolipolysis” by the Women’s Institute for Health (WIFH), an Atlanta med spa which specialises in laser hair removal, Smartlipo, Cellulaze for cellulite, SculpSure non-invasive fat removal, tattoo removal, laser skin resurfacing (fractional CO2) and other laser aesthetic procedures.

WIFH says: “PAH causes a gradual enlargement of the treated area. It occurs when the stimulus (the freezing of fat cells) activates a reactionary process in the fatty tissue that thickens and expands the fat cells rather than breaking them down and allowing the body to process and remove them.

“PAH is only known to occur following a cryolipolysis, or CoolSculpting body contouring treatment.

“PAH typically cannot be confirmed until about 6 months post-procedure, with patients complaining that they are getting bigger in the exact shape of the applicator.”

WIFH adds that PAH has a reported rate of incidence of 0.0051% of the 1.5 million CoolSculpting procedures performed worldwide.

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