Phillip Schofield: does the former This Morning presenter have a partner? Who are his ex-wife and children?

Phillip Schofield had been married to Stephanie Lowe for almost 30 years when he came out as gay

In a statement released by the star, who had presented the popular ITV daytime show for over 20 years, he said he was stepping down to “protect the show he loves” as “This Morning itself has become the story” in recent times rather than the “fascinating” stories it features. It comes just days after his brother Timothy was jailed for 12 years for child sex offences. 

This is all just three years after Schofield sat on the other side of the This Morning sofa and was interviewed by Willoughby when he revealed publicly that he was gay, on 7 February 2020. At that time, Schofield thanked all of his colleagues, including Willoughby, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, for their support. He also spoke at the time about the love he had received from his family and friends after making the announcement.

But, who is Schofield’s ex-wife, who are his children and does he have a boyfriend now? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Phillip Schofield’s boyfriend?

Phillip Schofield has never spoken publicly about having a boyfriend. When he came out as gay in February 2020, he was interviewed by his then co-host Holly Willoughby on This Morning. When she asked him if he was looking for a new relationship, he replied: “No, I don't think so. No, I'm not thinking there. I’m doing each day at a time now and this has always been a slow process.”

Phillip Schofield with his ex-wife Stephanie Lowe, and their daughters Molly Lowe and Ruby Lowe. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)Phillip Schofield with his ex-wife Stephanie Lowe, and their daughters Molly Lowe and Ruby Lowe. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)
Phillip Schofield with his ex-wife Stephanie Lowe, and their daughters Molly Lowe and Ruby Lowe. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

Months after Schofield came out, chat show host Graham Norton was asked if he would consider dating the presenter. In a light-hearted response, Graham said that he wasn’t sure if he would date the fellow TV personality, but also that he probably already had a boyfriend. Speaking on Chris Evans’ How to Wow podcast in December 2020, he said: "I imagine Pip has some secret boyfriend squirrelled away somewhere. I'm sure he has. I don't know Pip. I don't know why I'm calling him Pip”. Graham then clarified, however, that he did not think Schofield actually had a boyfriend at that time.

Who is Phillip Schofield’s ex-wife?

Phillip Schofield’s ex-wife is Stephanie Lowe. The pair had married in 1993, but separated after 27 years together in 2020 when Schofield came out as gay. During his aforementioned television interview on This Morning, Schofield praised his former wife for her support for him. He said: “Steph has been incredible – I love her so very much. She is the kindest soul I have ever met.”

In his autobiography, Life Is What You Make It, which he wrote during the coronavirus lockdown just weeks after he came out, Schofield also insisted that he had not always known he was gay. He wrote: “I didn't know I was gay when I married Steph. If I had, I wouldn't have got married.”

The pair have remained close over the last three years, with Schofield even reportedly consulting Lowe before deciding to step down from This Morning. The former couple are still thought to be officially married. Appearing on Chris Evans’ How to Wow podcast himself in October 2020, Schofield said: “I'm still married to Steph. With divorce . . . We've not discussed that at all. We're picking our way through. It's a work in progress."

Who are Phillip Schofield’s children?

Phillip Schofield shares two daughters with his ex-wife Stephanie; Molly Lowe, aged 30, and Ruby Lowe, age 27. The dad also thanked his daughters for their support and love during his This Morning interview back in 2020. He said: “My girls have been astonishing in their love, hugs and encouraging words of comfort.”

Schofield continued to live with Stephanie, Molly and Ruby after he came out as gay, as the UK went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic around a month after his admission. When he was able to, he then moved from the family home in Henley, Oxfordshire, to his own home in Chiswick, London where it is thought he still lives.

The family of four still spend time together sometimes, and were photographed enjoying a night out at the theatre in September 2022. Schofield is very close to his children, with both Molly and Ruby posting tributes to their dad for Father’s Day previously. Molly is also her father’s manager as she works at management company YMU.

Schofield has also previously told Hello Magazine that they verify all of his social media posts. He said: “I don’t post anything without their say-so. I check with them, is this okay? My eldest daughter is my manager so she's well across it all."