Sienna Mae Gomez: who is TikTok star, what did Jack Wright say on YouTube about her, and has she responded?

The allegations against the TikTok star first surfaced last year on Twitter

Sienna Mae, whose full name is Sienna Mae Gomez, has been accused by fellow TikTok star Jack Wright of sexual assault.

The 17 minute long YouTube video from Wright is the latest in a string of accusations made against Mae, going back to 30 May 2021.

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This is everything you need to know.

Who is Sienna Mae?

Mae is best known as a TikTok star, although she also posts on her YouTube channel, Sienna Gomez as well, where she has 352k subscribers.

Across her two TikTok accounts, Mae has more than 21 million followers.

She was born in California and recently turned 18. At the age of 16, she downloaded the app that would eventually make her famous - TikTok. She quickly grew a large following, cultivating an audience based on body confidence and dancing.

Mae co-hosted the Song Breaker Awards last year with fellow TikToker Larray, which included appearances from Lil Nas X and 24kGoldn.

Sienna Mae Gomez attends the 2021 Breakout Awards at Universal Studios Hollywood (Photo: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

She has also partnered with a number of big name brands as well, including Levis, Maybelline, Reebok and Grubhub, and has her own clothing brand, called Confidence is Cute, which features bucket hats, sweatpants, hoodies and tshirts.

In 2021, she joined the Hype House, which is a content creation house made up of different TikTok stars. The Hype House was created in December 2019, and was founded by Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon.

A number of stars have joined and left the Hype House over the years, with members including Charli D’Amelio and sister Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Vinnie Hacker and Nikita Dragun.

Recently, the Hype House was made the subject of a Netflix reality TV series, which was released earlier this year on 7 January, and followed the lives of each member of the house.

What did Jack Wright say about her?

The accusations against Mae first surfaced last year, on 30 May 2021, when Mason Rizzo, a friend of Wright, accused Mae of “sexually assaulting” Wright “numerous times”.

Rizzo posted on Twitter that accused Mae of sexual assault and also being verbally abusive. The tweet has since been deleted, and in a follow up statement, Rizzo said that he, Wright and Mae would be settling the situation offline.

On Thursday 20 January, Wright posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “What Sienna Mae did to me” in which he alleges that she groped him and repeatedly forced herself on him without his consent.

Jack Wright attends the premiere of Hulu’s Mother/Android (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In the video, he included a video clip in which he appeared to be completely passed out on a couch, with Mae on top of him and touching his crotch. Eventually his brother and his friends had to pull Mae off of him.

He accused Mae of breaking into his house whilst he slept to take advantage of him, saying: “She would break into my house and when I was sound asleep she would come into my room and I’d wake up to her hand in my pants.”

In the 17 minute long video, a visibly upset Wright claims that Mae repeatedly gaslit him, and that he only stayed friends with her because he believed that her behaviour would change.

He added that he feared that his experiences would not be taken seriously as a male victim of sexual assault.

Wright also claimed that other men had allegedly reached out to him with similar accusations against Mae. He included a link to the American anti-sexual violence organsation RAINN under his YouTube video.

Has she responded to the allegations?

Following Wright’s video, Mae’s representative said: “Unfortunately, Jack Wright continues his campaign to slander Sienna Mae Gomez with further false allegations.

“His latest falsehoods in the highly edited video show that once again Jack is making a calculated action to hinder, hurt and harm not only Sienna’s reputation and livelihood but her as an individual human being as well.”

Sienna Mae Gomez with fellow TikTok star Larray (Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Logitech)

A representative for Mae issued a statement to NBC News in which she denied all the allegations made by Wright, calling his accusations “harmful and untrue”.

The statement said: “There has been no police investigation - not even a police report to our knowledge - no charges, no private lawsuit and no contact between Sienna and Jack or their respective legal teams in many months.”

What did she post on Medium?

Mae also posted a lengthy blog post on Medium regarding the situation, titled “Sienna Mae Gomez: Reflections from an 18-Year Old Me”.

She opened the post by writing: “I haven’t even been 18 a whole week yet but the decisions I’ve had to make as a new adult are challenging me in ways that make me wish I could just go back to being a kid.”

Mae wrote that she has been “fighting a very public battle that involves topics I didn’t know much about recently: sexual assault, boundaries, consent” and that “for eight long gruelling months I’ve been fighitng to save friendships, to save business relationships, to save my own mental health”.

Throughout the piece, Mae explains that as the two blew up online, her and Wright’s relationship became difficult to define - off camera, the two were friends, but on camera they were pressured into being a couple for views.

Mae and Wright appearing together in a YouTube video (Photo: Youtube/Sienna Gomez)

She said: “The more they pressed me on camera, the more emotional I got because I wasn’t sure if we were friends or more.

“We would agree to be just friends and then he would gift me expensive or even matching jewelry or plan elaborate outings. We would talk in a quiet place and say we were just friends and then the next day be making out with each other for the cameras.

“I didn’t know what was being set up by producers and if it was real or fake.”

She also addresses Wright directly in the post, writing: “Jack, if you are reading this: I apologize if there were times that I made you feel uncomfortable.

“I am sorry if anything I ever did triggered other things you have experienced or any feelings of discomfort. But anything I did, I did unknowingly, as our physical relationship on camera was one of closeness and familiarity that I had known to carry into our “real” lives.

“That said, there is a distinct line between that and sexual assault. I’m so sad that this is where we ended up, and even more so that I’m now being used in a new and even more hurtful way.”

Mae also clarified that she had Wright never had sex and that all they “ever did was kiss” and that she has “never seen, felt or touched him naked”.

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