Student discovers his severe headaches are actually incurable brain tumour

Jacob Whitehead, a student from Sheffield, went to hospital after suffering from severe headaches but was told that they were caused by an incurable brain tumour

Jacob Whitehead was given the devastating news in hospital (Luke Walsh)
Jacob Whitehead was given the devastating news in hospital (Luke Walsh)

A Sheffield student discovered that his severe headaches were actually caused by an incurable brain tumour.

Jacob Whitehead 22, who attends Sheffield Hallam University, went to hospital to get his headaches checked out.

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There, he devastatingly found out that the pain was caused by a brain tumour known as a Glioblastoma Multiform, or GBM.

His friends have since started a fundraiser to help Jacob achieve his life-long ambition of travelling the world.

‘We were searching for a way for Jacob to make some amazing memories’

Luke Walsh, who set up the fundraiser, explained: “This type of cancer is grade 4 and as such is very aggressive and often tricky to treat as it eventually spreads to other parts of the brain.

"This condition affects only 0.00321 per cent of the population. Or 3.21 individuals per 100,000 and has a 5 year survival rate of 20 per cent. GBM remains an incurable tumour type.

“As his friends, we were all searching for some way in which we could lend a hand to Jacob through this particularly crappy patch and struggling to think how we could make this a less tough time and ensure that he is able to make some amazing memories.

“He had expressed his wishes to travel to places such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan (to name a few) and we wanted to give our mate something to look forward to, such as the trip of a lifetime which will help shine a light at the end of the tunnel following his treatment.”

You can donate to the fundraiser here.