Can I vote without a polling card? How to check if you’re registered to vote in 2021 UK local elections - and if you need ID

Millions across the UK are taking part in local and national elections

Polls are open in elections across England, Scotland and Wales (Getty Images)
Polls are open in elections across England, Scotland and Wales (Getty Images)

Polling stations have opened for voters to cast their ballots in a set of elections which could shake up British politics and have profound implications for the future of the United Kingdom.

On what has been dubbed Super Thursday, polling stations opened at 7am across Great Britain in the largest test of political opinion outside a general election, with the future of the Labour Party and the state of the Union among the issues at play.

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With much at stake voters will be wanting to make sure they can cast their vote on polling day.

Here’s what you need to know before you head to the polling station.

Can I vote without a polling card?

Voters are not required to take their polling card to their local polling station for any of the UK elections.

When you arrive simply tell the election official your name and address. Assuming you are registered to vote this will be listed on the electoral register which they will then cross off the list.

Do I need ID?

You are not required to take ID to the polling station.

Can I ask for a new polling card if I make a mistake?


Voters should take their time to read the polling card as some elections work in different ways to, say, a general election.

If you do make a mistake you can request a new ballot paper, so long as you haven’t already placed your vote in the ballot box.

What time are polling stations open?

Polling stations in all UK elections are open from 7am until 10pm.

You will be allowed to vote beyond 10pm so long as you were in the queue to vote before the closing time.

Where is my polling station?

The address of your polling station is listed on your polling card.

Alternatively, if you have not received your polling card, you can find your nearest polling station by entering your postcode at the electoral commission website.

Voters must attend their local polling station.

Can I take a postal vote to the polling station?


If you have not posted your postal vote you can hand it in to your local polling station or Electoral Registration Office before polling stations close.

How to check if you’re registered to vote

Contact your local Electoral Registration Office to find out if you’re already registered to vote.

You can find out your Electoral Registration Office by entering your postcode here.