How influential is the gambling lobby in Westminster? The MPs who defend betting firms - Uncovered podcast

How influential is the gambling lobby in Westminster, and are they ramping up their efforts? That’s the subject of the latest episode of our Uncovered podcast

There is a powerful gambling lobby in Westminster, with evidence that several MPs have spoken up in defence of the industry in parliamentary debates, after receiving gifts of tickets and hospitality worth thousands of pounds.

These included prestigious events like Wimbledon, Euro 2020 and the Cheltenham Festival.

This episode of Uncovered looks at the findings in a series of articles by Ethan Shone, Investigative Reporter with NationalWorld, on the influence of the gambling lobby within  Westminster.

The findings have caused concern among gambling reform groups that companies are embarking on a “charm offensive” to influence MPs, while a review of the Gambling Act 2005 is underway.

Clean Up Gambling has branded the Parliamentary Commissioner Standards “not fit for purpose” amid warnings that the gambling lobby has ramped up lobbying efforts ahead of a white paper on reform for the sector.

Matt Zarb-Cousin, director of the Clean Up Gambling campaign, also features on the podcast directly criticising MPs for misleading the public during these debates in Westminster.

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